Gardening Goes On and On

“I could go on and on. But that is just what gardening is, going on and on. My philistine of a husband often told with amusement how a cousin when asked when he expected to finish his garden replied ‘Never, I hope’. And that, I think, applies to all true gardeners.” – Margery Fish – "We Made A Garden"

Even as I start to see unmistakeable signs that this gardening season is coming to a close, at least in the midwest, I am planning for next year. I know everyone is. I'm figuring out what worked, what failed, what I didn't get done, and what I still want to do yet this fall. I'm figuring out ways to make the gardens and gardening go on and on.

One thing I did like this summer was this little Proven Winner, Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost', pictured above. I spotted it at a local garden center this spring and bought it on impulse. (Isn't that the best way to buy plants - on impulse?) It has performed as advertised, flowering on and on all summer with virtually nothing done to it but water it, so I'll plan to plant it again next spring. (Unfortunately, it is only hardy to zone 1o and I'm in zone 5, so I'm treating it as an annual.)

When I went out to the garden this evening to pick some more cherry tomatoes, *gasp*, there were none to pick. They don't seem to be going on and on like they were a few weeks, even days, ago. The few that were ripe had split open after the recent rain. There are some green ones hanging on, so hopefully, I did not eat the last of these today. I've been eating them for over five weeks, nearly every day, and I'll sure miss them when they are really gone.


  1. Loved your quote about never being finished. Kind of like life, you always want more, dream more...until you are really, really done!

  2. Live like you will die tomorrow, garden like you will live forever.

    Or at least that's what I like to believe.


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