Green - My Favorite Color

No, I've not run out of pictures of flowers and other more interesting plants in the garden. I just wanted to show everyone how green the grass is in MID AUGUST in the midwest, at least where I live. This is in my backyard yesterday after I finished mowing the lawn. And I have not watered the lawn even once this year.

Trust me, this is not what a lawn usually looks like this time of year around these parts. It is almost surreal how green it is right now.

We have had a great year as far as rain goes. We are getting rain when we need it and I have not had to make the decision of whether to start watering the lawn or let it go dormant mid-summer. By the way, when faced with that decision, to water or not water the lawn, I usually choose to not water, unless the grass is actually dying. I am not afraid to let the lawn go dormant mid-summer. It always comes back in the fall. I like to think it toughens it up and makes it a better lawn for the future, when you don't molly-coddle it with a bunch of watering.

I know it has not been this way everywhere this year, so I do feel quite fortunate to have a seaon like this. I hope this weather pattern continues for us!