International Kitchen Garden Day

Today is International Kitchen Garden Day. Are you growing some of your food in your own garden? If not and you have space to do so, you should. Nothing tastes better than food you grew yourself. I learned to grow vegetables from my Dad, here is his garden in the mid 1970's:

Here's a sample of my own harvest from a week or so ago. What did you harvest from your vegetable garden? You can't buy food like this in a supermarket:
Here's a picture of my own garden this year:

I've harvested enough tomatoes and peppers for TWO batches of hot salsa, and I've been eating fresh sliced tomatoes and sweet cherry tomatoes every day for a month. I love my garden.

Did you know that some kids don't even know where vegetables really come from! Don't let your kids not know, help them plant and harvest their own vegetables.

Happy International Kitchen Garden Day.

If you have a vegetable garden, go out and treat it nice... weed it, harvest from it, water it, hug it, enjoy it!

(Thanks to those at Garden Rant for bringing this event to our attention!)


  1. Hm your vegetables are looking so good and healthy! I have no vegetable garden, not enough time and space though.

  2. Your veggies look so good--and your dad obviously kept a great veggie garden, too! :)

  3. Thanks, I think they look good, too!

  4. Beautiful garden basket. Sometimes I take some tomatoes to work and keep them on my desk just to look at - which most people would think is odd. Of course, eventually they get eaten. Sometimes by coworkers.

    The photo of your Dad's garden reminds me of my parents' and other relatives gardens. The gardens are a link to our families and communities even when they (or we) are gone. I grow some plants that are direct links, largely because of that link (some sempervivum, 2 ginkgos, and some garlic chives). I could have obtained them elsewhere, but it is different when they are starts from 'back home'.

    COngratulations on your great kitchen garden!

  5. Hopefully this posting will work. I'm just learning about the 'comments' mode.

    The basket of veggies is beautiful. Sometimes I bring some to work the way that other prople bring flowers, just to look at them. Of course, eventually they get eaten.

    Also, the photo of your Dad's garden. Gardening can be such a link to our communities and our past, as well as the future. I grow several plants from starts from my parents yard - even though they could hae come from a nursery, it's just much better that they came from where they dod.

    Congratulations on a great kitchen garden!


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