Into the Garden I Go

I'm heading into the garden this weekend with many plans.

We had some lovely rain this week so the grass has grown to the point that I'm going to need a bush hog mower to cut it. Well, it's not quite that tall, but I definitely need to mow it. Plus, since I am mowing on Saturday, I'll take the extra time to trim everything up nicely before hand.

One of my sisters was surprised to find out that I do all the trimming before I mow. She thought everyone did it afterwards. The reason I do it first is because then when I mow any trimmings of long grass are chopped up by the mower. I know most of my neighbors trim afterwards. Maybe I am just a renegade, but it always made more sense to me to trim first.

Then after mowing it is on to the vegetable garden to do some weeding, hoeing, and harvesting. I hope to pick a peck of peppers, or at least enough for a rather large batch of salsa. I have nearly two dozen tomatoes on the kitchen table, so I've got to do something with them. Plus, if I am lucky, I might just have some eggplant to harvest. I love eggplant. And wouldn't it be just the best if I found another ear of corn to pick?

I'll make the salsa in the evening, because I don't want to give up the day time hours to make salsa when I can be in the garden. Would you?

After I get the lawn and the vegetable garden all in order, I also hope to finish up the last of some shrub trimming that I put on hold when it got hot outside and then catch up on deadheading some of the perennials.

Doesn't that sound like just the best weekend?
Happy Gardening!