Tomato Worth Saving

I decided that I should try to save some seeds from this German Johnson tomato. I've enjoyed this heirloom variety the most this summer, so to be sure I have these again next year, I decided to save some seeds.

I picked up some tips and ideas on seed saving on the Daughter of the Soil blog. She described two ways to save tomato seeds, one that involves mold and stench, and the other that involves spreading them out on "a sheet of kitchen roll" which I've decided is a sheet of paper towel. I picked the later method, seemed like less of a mess.

I ate the above slices as part of my dinner this evening. It might be the last German Johnson of the year, so I enjoyed it!

Wish me good luck on having some seeds to sow next spring.


  1. German Johnson has been my favorite for 2 summers now. They are so tasty and juicy:)

  2. That German Johnson is one of the most beautiful tomatoes I've ever seen - and it's giving me a craving for a tomato and onion sandwich. Good luck with the seed saving, using your 'sheet of kitchen roll'.

  3. Beveryly, Annie, thanks for confirming it is worth the effort to save some seeds!

  4. Oooh, I really must get on and finish that Anglo-American translation! Yup, when I say kitchen roll I mean that stuff you use for mopping up spills in the kitchen ... though any absorbant paper or tissue should be fine.

    Thanks for the link ... I wondered why I was getting extra traffic on my blog ... much appreciated!

    Those tomatoes do look lovely ... I look forward to following their progress next year.


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