Garden Bloggers' Book Club Update

A quick update on the Garden Bloggers Book Club introduced yesterday in this post.

There is still plenty of time and plenty of room, so if you are interested, send a comment. I am currently collecting suggestions on books to read.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!


  1. I've published my list of books here. Sorry, I tend towards the historical. I would also be willing to host a month.

  2. Sounds interesting - though some titles may not be relevant/interesting or indeed available this side of the pond and vice versa.

    Here are a few I'd suggest;

    Seeds of Change, Henry Hobhouse, (six plants that transformed mankind)

    For Love of a Rose, Antonia Ridge (story of the creation of the Peace Rose at the end of WWII)

    Deep in the Green, Anne Raver (collection of her pieces appearing in New York Newsday and now The New York Times)


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