Look who took a little ride on my shoulder into the house. A young, little praying mantis. I'm sure she didn't want to be inside, once she got inside, so I scooped her up and put her back outside, where she belongs. There are still some aphids for her to eat out there.

Insects... another part of gardening. You have to learn to love them (well not love them, but respect them at least) and get along with them, especially, it seems, during this time of year.

Because if you jump and scream every time you see a little insect, you won't have much time to do the actual gardening. After all, bugs out number us, by a lot For every 1 pound of humans, there are 70 pounds of insects on this earth, according to this author.


Anonymous said…

They're popping up all over! Glad you had a praying mantis friend to hang out with, too.

The Inadvertent Gardener
Anonymous said…
How would you like to have one of our huge fishing spiders hitch a ride into the house? (Fishing spiders or wolf spiders, not sure which one they are). I think I counted 10 last night, in addition to the two "godzilla" spiders (our names for them, not the true name) busy building very beautiful webs between the gazebo and the bushes. I think this is the WORST fall I've ever seen for spiders -- they are everywhere! I wonder why there are so many more BIG ones this fall. Any ideas?