Hoosier Gardeners?

I read Annie in Austin's latest blog entry and she lists about 9 different web sites/blogs that are for, about or written by Austin, Texas gardeners. I would have a hard time coming up with even half that many Hoosier gardening related blogs.

So, where are all the Indiana gardeners? I know I'm not the only one, there are a few others out there. How about some from Indianapolis? I recall one other blog from a gardener in Indianapolis, but I lost the url for it.

In case you don't know what a Hoosier is, it is what we call people from Indiana. I don't mind being called a Hoosier, just don't call me an Indiana Hoosier. That would imply that I'm a supporter of Indiana University, and I am not. I am a supportor of Purdue University, where we call ourselves boilermakers. Big difference, there!

Anyway, where are the Indianapolis or Indiana garden bloggers? If you are one of them, send me a comment and I'll compile a list. I know there are some out there!


El said…
Do ex-Hoosiers count? Even if we went to the other obnoxious football school in the north central part of the state?
Carol said…
El, at this point, I will count any Hoosiers, even former Hoosiers Even those who went to Notre Dame.
Kathy K said…
I am a "hoosier gardner" but I am afraid I don't know enough about blogging.
La Gringa said…
Wow! If you think it's hard to find a Hoosier gardener, you should try finding a Honduran gardener. I branched out to include all of Central America and then Mexico as well, but I still only found two others. I guess some of us will just have to be blogging trail blazers.

I love your blog. I used to be a Hoosier (Michigan City). Does a Honduran Hoosier count?
Carol said…
Yes, I will count a former Hoosier, now in Honduras!
Don, at Hands in the Dirt, gardens in Indianapolis. He used to live down the street from me but I never met him until I ran across him in the blogosphere after he'd moved north.
Carol said…
MSS Texax - How funny, that you wouldn't know him when he lived near you, but then would find his blog after he had moved. Of course, I don't know too many of my neighbors that live down the street. Thanks for the info.
Me, me, me!!!!

Although, I don't know if I'm a full blown Hoosier yet, considiering I came from California originally.

I do my gardening in Indiana now :)
Carol said…
GGG, I'll add you to my list. We Hoosiers welcome everyone, so I won't even make you be on probation or anything like that. Thanks for all the nice comments.