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I decided to add a little picture to go with my blogger profile. I chose this one because it made me laugh. Other than I also mow my own lawn, this woman bears no resemblance to me, or my lawn mower. None whatsoever.

I found it on a seed catalog cover shown on this website about seed catalogs. The catalog was from 1910. You don't suppose women really wore white dresses with long sleeves to go out and mow the lawn in 1910, do you? Or were they just trying to make the cover of the seed catalog more attractive?


  1. I think the picture of long dress, long sleeves was very typical for 1910 women. That is why the 20's caused such an uproar as hems rose and no sleeves. Your grandmother was scolded by her mother when she had the seamtress to make her eighth grade graduation dress to show her ankles in 1917-18. The ladies were not to let their arms or legs show and always wore a hat, which is also why they had such nice skin.

  2. I can't deal with the picture-- it is sooo unlike you that it creates controversy and distress in my brain. Isn't there anything better out there?


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