An Open Letter to My Lawn

Dear Lawn,

First let me say you know how proud I am of you. From the beginning of spring, you were the first lawn on the street to really green up and I was happy to bring out the lawn mower and give you a good cut. Remember how sharp the blade was back then, after I had it professionally sharpened?

Through most of the spring, I never minded that I had to mow you every 4 or 5 days, really I didn’t! We were exercising together, we were enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. Even in the summer, because of the daylight savings time, I could mow later in the day and avoid all of that heat and we kept up our twice weekly time together. I even wrote a blog post about you, I was so happy and proud of how you looked.

And all summer, you never asked for extra water! You were content with whatever rain you got and never made me haul out all the hoses and sprinklers. Yes, there was that brief time in late August, early September where you really could have used some extra water, but you held on until the rains came again. I was so proud of you!

You still look great.

But I have to tell you, I am getting just a wee bit tired of all this mowing. Today, I had to mow you again, and I had just cut you on Sunday. That’s just two days! What is going on?

You knew you would get cut today, didn’t you? The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was a perfect 72 degrees and you had grown so much in just two days. Then when I read that the weatherman thought it might start raining tomorrow, you knew you had me, that I would mow you.

I didn’t let you down, did I?

But, enough is enough. You need to start slowing down and put some more energy into your roots, and not the blades of grass. Really! It’s autumn now. I can’t keep up this schedule, I’ve got other things to do, other plants to tend to, garden chores that must be done before the snow flies. So, I wouldn’t mind, well I’d really like it, if you would at least slow down enough so I only have to mow you once a week until you are done around Thanksgiving.

Now, don’t be upset. I am proud of you, really I am, and I think you are by far the best lawn in the neighborhood, the envy of all. And I know you probably can't help yourself with this rain and cooler temperatures, which you so love. But, this winter, me and your lawn service guy are going to have a serious chat. I’m going to have to cut you back when it comes to the fertilizer. You’ve got to stop growing like this!

The one who mows you


  1. Great idea, the open letter to the lawn. You have very creativ ideas.

    Sigrun :-)

  2. I hate to tell you this, but grass is a cool weather plant. It grows best when the temps drop. In fact, now is a great time to reseed your lawn if needed because it will germinate and grow so well in the cool autumn days.

  3. Old Roses, Yes, absolutely this is the best time for it to grow, but I had to mow it just 48 hours after I just mowed it! I think my lawn service needs to be cut back and a little less nitrogen applied next year. The conditions have almost been too ideal!

  4. I'm sorry to tell you, but cutting back on fertilizer probably won't make much difference. I cut back the number of applications this summer. I mowed Monday or Tuesday and it needs it again. what we need is for society to think that long grass is the ideal.

  5. Do other gardeners talk to their grass, or just my daughter?


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