Three Varieties of Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy Sedum "Frosty Morn"

Autumn Joy Sedum, Passalong Plant Number 1

Autumn Joy Sedum, Passalong Plant Number 2

I have three different colors of Autumn Joy Sedum working in the garden right now. It's a good thing because a lot of other flowers and plants are starting to 'check out' for the season, their best days clearly behind them. I still have several flowers coming on including some mums and asters and toad lilies. I can't wait to see the little toad lilies.

And did I mention the trees? They still have lots of green leaves, but I'm seeing some hints of red, yellow, and orange starting to peek through.
Summer has just a few hours left and then we officially let Autumn show us what she can do with a garden.


Salix Tree said…
Hi! Just visiting your many blogs. The one of your grandmother's diaries sounds intriguing! I'll have to read bits of it over my morning coffee!
Love these sedums, I only have a deep red one, I should take a pic of it soon!
And by the way, I LOVE your avatar! It's so funny, and sweet at the same time!