Green Fingers

I don’t like TV shows or movies that are ‘purposefully’ scary and I’ll admit it. Growing up, I avoided watching shows like ‘The Twilight Zone’ and definitely tried to avoid movies like Halloween, though I did go and see it in college. Yes, occasionally I’ll get talked into watching what I consider to be a scary movie, but I don't like doing so.

My idea of a good show to watch for Halloween is “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.

See the pictures of the pretty pumpkins? My sister and her husband grew them and said I'd be getting one IF they had one left over. But, I think the one left over rotted or something like that, so I'll be using my old stand-by FAKE jack-0-lantern for Halloween.

But I disgress from the subject at hand...

Since I don't like scary shows, I don’t know how it came to pass that I would watch an episode of the TV show Night Gallery from the early 1970’s and remember it even to this day. I think I watched it because it was about a gardener, and I couldn’t help myself. I recall that I was pretty spooked by it. Still today I can recall a specific line from this particular episode…

“Everything I plant grows”.

Anyone else remember this episode? It was called “Green Fingers”.

In this particular episode, there was a seemingly nice, old gardener who had a quaint little cottage and garden that she tended. She claimed she could get anything to grow, including kindling. Then a big, bad developer wanted her land and she refused to sell it to him, saying it was all she had and she wasn’t leaving it. Well, he was just as determined to get her land, so he had someone kill her. You heard her scream, but they didn’t actually show the murder. You just knew they had killed her.

But she fooled them. Before they got there to kill her, she cut off her thumb and planted it and it grew into guess what? Her! I think the episode ends showing her sitting in a rocking chair on her porch because…

“Everything I plant grows, even me”.

Happy Halloween


  1. Yikes...
    Those kind of shows freak me out, too. I can't even watch the promos for the new horror movies. I am not good at suspense!!

  2. I like certain horror movies. That "Green Fingers" sounds like good, campy horror. We watched "The Birds" a couple of nights ago, which was fun. But, like you, I love "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

  3. Well, you know what they say, an old gardener never dies, they just go to seed....

    Never did like scary flicks either.

    GirlGonegardening (blogger isnt letting me post comments!)

  4. I am not a scary movie type, either. I got talked into watching The Exorcist when I was in junior high.....ugh!

    I was worse than my kids waiting for The Great Pumpkin to come on this year :-)

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Trust your pumpkin to the one that went rotten LOL! I don't really go for scary movies either.

  7. Thats a freaky story.Love it like the twilight zone.I posted a pic of Sallyannes Jack o lantern.Post a pic of the FAKE jack o lantern.happy halloween!

  8. All, thanks for the nice comments. It seems that a majority of us do NOT like the scary movies/tv shows. Must be something about gardeners...

    Snappy, sorry no can take a picture of a FAKE jack o lantern, just too embarrasing. (Though it would be a good picture to post to make my sister feel guilty for not giving me a pumpkin!)

  9. I don't remember that episode,but i do remember Night Gallery. That was a good show.

    I hope you had a nice, non-scary Halloween.

  10. I LOVE {{{{{spooky scary}}} movies!I can't be alone though when I watch them someone has to be in the house with me!
    Oh I would have love watching Green fingers!

  11. I love scarey movies & watch them whenever they're on tv. I won't watch movies where animals are hurt or die and I hate war movies. I guess the reason I can watch twilight zone & others of the ilk is that they're not true. I grew up on fairy tales, and that's what scarey movies are to me. (the one that scared me to death as a young child was Dracula, because he could turn into a puff of smoke and get under a closed door)


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