Mums and Cold Saturday Mornings

A few mums around my garden and neighborhood.

I refuse to call them by their new botanical name Dendranthema.

And now, I'd better get to my garden chores, as I think of this quote from The Essential Earthman by Henry Mitchell...

“… but fall--not spring—is the great planting season for woody things. If, in other words, you had thought of lolling in the warm weekends admiring the chrysanthemums and the dogwoods turning red, congratulating yourself perhaps that the weeds are losing heart, let me cheerfully remind you that you should be exhausted (not lolling) since this is the busiest of all the garden seasons."

I'd update his quote for today to be "lolling around blogging about mums while waiting for the temperatures to rise a few degrees when you know that with another layer of clothing you'll be fine and let me cheerfully remind you that if you just go out and get started, soon enough the actual physical labor of turning compost and pulling out frost bitten plants will make you forget the cold..."

Happy Gardening!


Kathy said…
Henry Mitchell is very quotable.