Free the Blueberries!

My little blueberries, caged up for the winter. I had to do it to keep the rabbits away. The blueberries look so trapped, but where were they going to go, anyway? Those &$%^ rabbits chew and nibble on plants ALL winter long. Go away, rabbits, g-o a-w-a-y!

(Ummm. yes, in the lower right, those are some glad corns I pulled up and just left there. Now I, ummm, need to get those inside or they will be goners, if they aren't done for already. Such disrepect I've show to the common gladiolus! I wouldn't be surprised if I have a glad revolt on my hands next summer and no blooms as a result.)


Naturegirl said…
I should have done this with my icicles pansies! Oh well at least the rabbits had a great lunch of greens!