Even Plants Rush the Season...

I looked at the high/low temperatures recorded for yesterday and was surprised to find that the high temperature was actually in the low 40’s, not low the 50’s as I had guessed. So, I think I did pretty good dressing for the weather since I was comfortable working outside nearly all afternoon.

One thing I didn’t get done yesterday was pot up two more amaryllis bulbs. Earlier in the day, I made a quick run into another “big box” store and nearly ran into their display of $3.96 Amaryllis bulbs in a box. Okay, yes, I admit it, I was looking for them, so it wasn't all that hard to "run into them".

Four dollars, though. Now were talking. Guaranteed to bloom, says so right on the box. So, plop, plop, I put a red one and a pink and white one in my cart. That gives me three for the season. That’s enough. I’m potting them up this evening.

It’s especially enough because on Saturday, I bought 30 Narcissus (Paperwhites) for forcing. This time I was at a warehouse store, and they had all their bulbs near the back of the store, all $6 a box. I could have bought 80 tulips or 120 crocuses or whatever for $6 a box. And, believe you me, I was tempted, because I don’t know what the stores do with the bulbs they don’t sell. Do they send them back and someone grows them? Do they throw them away? I considered it almost a rescue mission to buy those Narcissus.

And look, one of my “Christmas Cactus”, pictured above, (Zygocactus sp. now Schlumbergera sp.) is getting ready to bloom, just in time for Thanksgiving. To be fair, many of these plants are bred to bloom around Thanksgiving, and this may be one of those. Also, I don’t do anything special to get this to bloom. I don’t lower the temperature or make sure it is in total darkness for 14 hours a day or whatever. I just let it go to do its thing. And it blooms every year.

But, I call it a Christmas Cactus and when it is blooming early like this it reminds me how much we rush the season. We get all frantic to put up all the Christmas decorations, buy presents, plan parties, send out cards. Rush, rush, rush.

In all this rush, which seems to start earlier and earlier every year, Thanksgiving becomes almost a forgotten holiday, and it is one of the best holidays in my opinion. It is a nice time to relax and enjoy a good meal with family and friends. Of course, my sister who will host us all for the day might not find it all that relaxing, but I do.

The only thing I'm rushing around to do right now is plant a few more bulbs outside, which I had forgotten about until this morning when I saw them in the garage. Gads, I need a few more decent days to work outside (and at least one good day right after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations outside).


  1. Hello Carol,

    After seeing your photo I looked at mine - one has no buds, one is just a little behind yours in bud size, and looks about the same color.


    PS I noticed that you had Beta now - Millionbells at 'Dirt Under My Nails' says that she can no longer comment on non-beta blogs - can you? I also noticed that your previous comments on my garden blog no longer link to you, which is not a benefit in my opinion! I found many of my favorite writers through their comments elsewhere!

    Although I'll be forced to use it eventually, there seem to be more than a few problems still not solved.

  2. There are three types of Christmas Cactus ... what you have there is more than likely a Thanks Giving cactus. Yep I just went to the basement to check on my Christmas cactus that was sitting in the dark and it has smooth leaf segments while my thanksgiving cactus' leaf segments have points on the end.

    My thanks giving cactus is in full bloom and my Christmas cactus is getting buds a bit early (and it's upstairs in the light now that it has buds!).

    Have a peek at this:

  3. Cute insight ;)

    My inlaws have a cactus they call the "Thanksgiving cactus" too...I thought it was just a misbehaving Christmas Cactus


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