Hand Digging Hoe - Found it!

Awhile back in the spring, I posted on my “hoe collection” blog that one of my two favorite gardening tools was the hand digging hoe, also known as a Japanese hand digging hoe. Here’s a link to that original post.

Since then, I’ve received a few comments from people who are looking to buy such a fine hand hoe. So periodically, I’ve done some online searches to find a source, since Smith & Hawken, where I bought mine, does not seem to carry them anymore. Until this weekend, I’ve always come up empty-handed in my searches.

I tried again on Friday by doing a Google search for “hand digging hoe” and was surprised to find that the 1st site listed was the above mentioned blog post. The sixth site listed was this post about how I used my hand digging hoe this spring to weed out some pestilence plants that I knew better than to plant, but planted anyway. And then on the next page was a reference to this posting about how I used my hand digging hoe to remove sod for a new flower bed this fall.

Clearly, I love this tool, since I've written about using it so often, so I searched a little further to find someone who sells them.

Drum roll, please. I think I’ve found them at Sneeboerusa.com. I’m delighted! I’ve purchased several of the Sneeboer hand tools through Lee Valley and have not been disappointed. The hand digging hoe is not directly linkable, so go to the Sneeboer web site, then select “hand tools”, then “hand hoe”. There are two to choose from depending on if you are right handed or left handed.

As garden tools go, this is clearly not your $1.99 hand tool, but if it is like the rest of the Sneeboer tools, it will be well-made, and I would expect it to last your gardening life. It’s an investment that will ensure happiness through many hours of laborious grubbing out of sod, weeds, etc. Once you have a hand-digging hoe and use it, you will wonder how you managed without it.

Like our beloved Felco pruners, a hand digging hoe like this will change your life.

Maybe if you are good and finish your end of season gardening chores, Santa Claus will bring you one for Christmas!
(Note, I have not ordered from the Sneeboer site, so can't vouch for it, but I have used their tools and they are well-made.)
(Update Sunday: I also found a hand digging hoe available on this web site. It is a DeWit brand tool. I have another gardening tool (a trowel) that is the DeWit brand, and it is also well made. Again, I can't vouch for the merchant, but can say this is the hoe!)


  1. Excellent post with both tip's about using it and links to where to get it!

    Unfortunately I have no garden to practise it with, but never the less I appreciated the post very much :-)

  2. Very interesting..you learn something new everyday!Thanks.

  3. Hello Carol,

    Have seen your picture and yes it is a DeWit First Class Quality from Holland. More info on dewithandtools.com availble in Indiana our importer is Tierra at Jasper Ind.

    Mr. De Wit from Holland

  4. Hi Carol,

    I just found your site and am so glad to see you found a source for Sneeboer tools in the US! I have their left handed potting trowel and it's wonderful for a lefty like me to do container gardening without spilling the soil everywhere. I'll be sure to buy more now that I know where to get them! Great post, thanks for the site!


  5. Nice post Carol. But I have no garden but I will tell my friends about it. It’s really impressive.

  6. Carol,

    I can't believe it, but I have that same hand hoe, and it is my best tool. I also noticed the S&H didn't have it anymore. Seems they are more into decor these days.

    I wonder, did you ever buy either of the hoes you so nicely found? I'm always afraid to buy one and find out I hate it.~~Dee


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