The Hunt for a New Pair of Gardening Clogs

I’m not a big footwear person. When it comes to my regular day time office environment work, I have 3, maybe 4, pairs of shoes that I wear… black, navy, brown. I am definitely not one of those people who look for a new pair of shoes every time they buy something new to wear. If none of the shoes I have match, well, I’m just not going to wear that outfit.
But when it comes to gardening, I have 5 different pairs of shoes/boots that I wear for different occasions.

From left to right…

I keep the blue gardening clogs at the front door. I wear them when I am going out the front way to water plants on the front porch, get the newspaper, or just check out what’s going on in the front yard.

I wear the old hiking boots when I am going to do something like roto-till and I feel I need more foot protection. I’ve had those boots the longest of any of my footwear. Does anyone recall when brown hiking boots with red laces and Vibram soles were the height of fashion? We sometimes called them “waffle stompers” because of the waffle like foot print they left behind. If you do remember them, then if I tell you I got those boots my freshman year in college, you’ll be able to do some basic math and figure out my approximate age. (And please don’t do the math and then comment that you are younger than my boots… that wouldn’t be nice, now would it?)

The third pair of shoes from the left is another pair of clogs. These green clogs are newer than the blue clogs. See, they still have the stickers inside them. I think I’ve had them for about 5 or 6 years, and the blue clogs for a dozen or so years. I keep the green clogs at the back door, and slip into them when I am heading out back to the garden or to water the containers on the patio or just want to walk around outside after work to see what’s going on.

I’ve learned from experience that having TWO pairs of clogs, one pair at the back door and the other pair at the front door, saves and protects the carpeting in between. With just one pair, the clogs are never at the door where you need them. And then you end up putting them on and trying to walk through the house to the other door, thinking if you walk quickly or tip-toe maybe nothing will get on the carpet. It never works. Life is just easier with two pairs of clogs!

The next pair of shoes is from The Muck Boot Company and are called Mucksters. They are waterproof like the clogs, but are also insulated so they keep your feet warm. Yet they still breathe so your feet don’t get sweaty-wet. I wear these shoes when I am working around in wet grass or in the cold, especially in early spring and fall. My feet stay nice and dry and the shoes are quite comfortable (as are the clogs!)

The final pair of shoes are my mowing shoes. I generally retire a pair of sneakers from “regular” use once a year or so, and they take on new life as mowing shoes.

So those are the shoes I garden in. Fascinating stuff, huh? Well, the main reason I’ve shown you my shoes and told you what I wear them for is because I am facing a CLOG CRISIS and could use some help.

My crisis is that the blue clogs are finally wearing through on the bottom and I want to… no, I need to replace them. But, I’ve come up with nothing in my Internet and catalog searches. I must have the clogs with the plaid insert, no other will do! I did come across some on the Gardeners’ Supply website, but they are sold out of my size and don’t expect to get any more. Does anyone know of another source for these clogs? Or is there another clog someone can recommend? And please don’t recommend clogs with holes in them or with flowers all over them. These will be working clogs.

Whoever helps me find these clogs, I’ll owe you a favor. Maybe I’ll link to your blog and write a whole post about how wonderful you are!


  1. Well Carol, your shoe line-up looks pretty much like mine, including retiring a pair of sneakers each year to be relegated to mowing. I did a search on for garden clogs and this is what they gave me, you're going to love these.

  2. Lost Roses... I was so excited to check out that link! Those shoes, while striking, are not exactly what I am looking for. Oh, forget the niceties. Those are hideous shoes! Nice try, no nice post about you!

  3. Plaid, eh? LOL...

    Why not just buy a pair you like with the slip-in-out insoles and buy the plaid insoles to replace the plain ones? They HAVE to sell plaid insoles somewhere, right?

  4. I have a pair of Birkenstock clogs. I got them ages ago at the recommendation of a chef friend of mine: that's who they're marketed to, those types of people (like doctors, nurses, etc.) who're on their feet all day and need a highly washable, comfortable shoe. Here's a link:

    And yes, they're expensive. I have had them and used them for 6 years and they still look brand-new.

  5. Carol,maybe you should put clogs on your Christmas list

  6. Carol, sorry, I couldn't resist! I have to say I really was surprised not to get a hit on clogs with plaid insoles. Seems like I used to see them everywhere. Maybe Santa can find them!

  7. They make a CROC that is a solid shoe. CROC's are made of a special polymer that is anti microbial, nothing will stick to it, and you can just rinse them off outside, they dry quickly and are good as new. Go check them out. There is a kiosk in the mall down the Disney store lane. Don't get the fake ones, they aren't made of the same polymer.

  8. Great lineup. And the logic is the same as mine ... post them at both entrances or end up sweeping later.

  9. Thanks all for the suggestions, I'll let you all know when I get my replacement clogs!

  10. I'm not sure if you found your clogs or not, but I found a web site that sells them. The company is Jolly Gardens Shoes and Clogs.
    I hope this helps!

  11. LL Bean has navy with green dots on sale! So cute!

  12. One of my two pairs of ten-year old clogs (faded, no known brand--but with plaid insoles) just split down the middle, and I'm SO pleased to have googled plaid clogs and found this post and anonymous's answer. Thank you, internet, and thank you, May Dreams. I am ordering Jolly Clogs right now.

  13. Not half an hour ago I was looking through the Gardener's Supply catalogue which had just come in the mail. And what was I wondering about? Those clogs! I think I will order them now on your recommendation. And if they fit and are wonderful, I'll get a second pair for the other door. :<)

  14. I don't know if you even see comments on old postings, but in case you read my last one, I wanted to tell you my new blue Gardener's Supply gardening shoes just arrived and they fit! I think they will be just great. I've decided I don't need a second pair - my house isn't that big from front door to side door.


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