New Approach to Amaryllis

I'm changing what I do with amaryllis this year. Normally, I buy one or a couple or three amaryllis bulbs-in-a-box but don't really get them started until after Christmas. Then I am enjoying the blooms in late January. Not sure why I waited like that to get the bulbs started, I just did.

This year, starting yesterday, I think I'll buy an amaryllis a week at the grocery store and pot it up right away so I'll have continous bloom in about four weeks, all the way through the holidays and beyond. For the most part the amaryllis-bulbs-in-a-box are $5 and you can spend that on a bag of chips anymore, or so it seems.

I'll admit, in spite of the fact that you can keep amaryllis going from year to year and get rebloom, I don't tend to bother doing that. One of my problems this year was that dog-gone mealybug infestation in my sun room. They were very attracted to the amaryllis, so I tossed the amaryllis out earlier this summer once they were obviously infested. Until that happened, I really was going to try to get mine to rebloom this year, I swear.

And how was it I came to buy an amaryllis yesterday? I was led by my shopping cart straight to the display and one jumped in my cart! I know that happens to others, too. You end up with something in your cart, maybe a plant, maybe chocolates, maybe a new gardening tool, and you can't really explain it. There are just forces at work that can't be explained, right?

The particular amaryllis that jumped into my cart yesterday was "Minerva" a red with a white center. Next week I hope a red one jumps into my cart, then the following week a pretty pink one or a white one, and maybe if I am lucky a double one will hop in.

I do know that the ones I am buying for $5 will generally have one flower stem, not the 2 - 3 that one gets with a larger bulb. That's okay by me. I know what I'm getting and it is enough for me. I am not a big amaryllis aficionado, I just like to have a few blooms around the holidays, during the winter, when nothing outside is blooming.

Anyone else starting some amaryllis bulbs now?


Gary said…
I am betting that one does jump in your cart nex week.

I don't do bulbs at all down here in Houston. Most bulbs are really cold weather plants. They can be grown here but not as sucessfully.
Besides, so many other things can be grown here in the cooler months.

I do love narcissus, though. I wish they would do better down here.
Annie in Austin said…
After many years of trying to rebloom amaryllis with some mild success, I've planted them all in one bed outside, and hope they'll bloom next spring. They bloom in other people's front yards down here - why not mine!
But I might walk a little slower down the aisle where the $5 amaryllis are stacked, in hope that a couple will accidentally fall into my cart, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Colleen said…
Hmm...funny you mention one jumping into your cart...the same thing happened to me at Lowe's. I was just innocently walking along..pushing the kids in the cart while hubby looked for some paint....and there they were :-)

I've never grown amaryllis before, but I potted it up yesterday. I like your idea of buying them and potting them up regularly. I'd love to have blooms throughout the winter.
Sissy said…
That's one thing I have never tried, Carol!
By the way, the game was miserable, you know that.
As for your team? They are undeafeted, but your boy chokes in the games that really matter. My boy chokes every other day, so I know how it feels!!!
Naturegirl said…
Last Xmas after blooming I placed my amaryllis in the dark garage and over the summer it sprouted!I moved it out in the garden all summer..still there. I will eventually bring it back indoors..I wonder if it will flower..humm.Time will tell.
JLB said…
Sadly, my father gave me one before I left Washington state last winter... and it died in the trailer somewhere between Wyoming and Pennsylvania along with my little jade plant! :( Dead plants are so sad.

Thus far, no amaryllis foundlings have launched themselves into my shopping cart, but I have faith! I do however have some indoor bulbs to plant: my friend gave me some paper whites as a move-in gift when I arrived in Pennsylvania last year, and I'll be repotting those in a couple weeks when the moon is new again.

I can't wait to see pictures of your blossoms. Here's a nice picture of one my friend got blooming last spring to encourge your bulbs to bloom:
Sandra said…
What no yellow? They are the best. You might know I would have to be different, but I really do love the yellow ones.
Leslie said…
It's become a bit of a tradition to put the turkey in the oven on T-giving morning and then go out to the potting bench and pot up the amaryllis. But I like your strategy of stretching out the season a little. Good idea.
Kati said…
what a great idea. I have one that re-blooms erratically sometime after Valentines day...I need another excuse to buy pretty plants :)