November - First Month for the Garden Bloggers Book Club

It’s November! Time to get out your copy of The Essential Earthman by Henry Mitchell and join the Garden Bloggers Book Club. I don’t want to be the department of redundancy department with too many reminders about this, but in case you are new here, check out the post links that I’ve parked on the blog, Garden Bloggers Book Club, for all the details on how to participate.

All are welcome!

Several people have posted some comments already, which is great. Old Roses posted about her saga of actually trying to get the book. Over at Garden Rant, Susan added in some of her thoughts, and Gloria posted some thoughts as well. And I added some posts, too, like this one.

I’m sure there are a few others who’ve posted about the book, forgive me for not including a reference here. I’d be happy to add a link here if you will send me a comment to let me know I missed you.

For all, there is still plenty of time, 30 days in fact, to read, reflect, and write a post or two with your thoughts on the The Essential Earthman, then send me a comment to let me know about your post. At the end of the month, I’ll post with links to all of the various blog posts with thoughts on the book. (Hopefully, I won’t miss anyone!)

Oh, and I almost forgot, Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening got me into cataloging my books at LibraryThing by starting up a group for gardeners there. I checked this evening and there are already 16 members. I’m Indygardener over there. (Get it, Indy gardener from Indiana, or maybe it is short for “Independent Gardener”?). She also suggested that we use the group forum there to initiate discussion on our books each month. I am watching for her to post the 1st thought-provoking question. This will also offer a way for non-bloggers to add their thoughts and I’m sure it will result in some lively discussion. (We might also have a forum on GardenWeb, I’m waiting to hear back on that.)

And, before you know it, in about two weeks, I’ll be updating everyone on the book selection for December. I’ve been looking for a book that is fairly light reading, since December can be a busy month. I’ve got one in mind, but if you have an idea, send it along.

As Kathy noted on her blog, only 54 days until Christmas! DO NOT PANIC! There is still garden clean up to do! (At least I still have a lot of clean up to do.)


  1. Carol, I finally posted some thoughts about the first three essays. At this rate, I don't know if i will make it through the book!


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