Quick Spider Update

Earlier, I had posted about BIG spiders that were in my sister's backyard. Today, she tells me they found a spider just like those, only smaller, in the house. My aunt and others warned her they would want to come inside as soon as it got cold.

Her son put it on a piece of paper and put it back outside. (Geez, I hope it came in from outside and hasn't always been living in the house!)

That spider is lucky he went into their house. At my house, he'd be in the bottom of a sweeper bag right now.

What do you do when BIG spiders get into your house?


  1. I'm sorry, but big ones have a short life if they come in my house. Althought the cat might like to toy with it for a while first.

  2. My husband firmly believes that spiders kill flies. Not only do we not kill spiders, we leave them be--we don't take them outside. We have watched baby spiders hatch in the house. Spiders do not bother me. A snake might startle me, but doesn't make me scream or run. But as soon as I see an unfamiliar dog, my heart starts to pound and I devoutly wish I were somewhere else. The only dogs that don't scare me are the ones that lay in a corner and sleep.

  3. I'm in the live and let live group.
    But if the Mr comes across a spider in the house he calls me to take my pets outside.He would squish if I did not comply.

  4. Carol, I'm pretty sure that spiders don't die when you suck them up in the vacuum cleaner. They just wait until you are asleep and then they crawl out and make a sac full of eggs as revenge!

  5. This is aWolf spider. Here in Spain the wolf spider likes to set up home indoors in the colder months. Any bug that eats other bugs is a friend though it is a friend that should stay outdoors.
    If I get beneficial bugs in the house I trap them under a glass tumbler (that way I can see them). I seal the tumbler with a piece of paper before carrying it off to the great outdoors and releasing my new 'friend'.


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