Tulips, Blueberries, and Rabbits

I planted some tulip bulbs earlier today. Since nothing else was in the flower bed, especially after I removed the mums I had planted there earlier this fall, I was able to just dig out the whole area. This is a quick way to plant bulbs. I am hoping for a good display of tulips in all shades of pastel colors for 4 – 6 weeks or longer this spring.

And while I was doing some more garden clean up, I discovered that a rabbit or two might have been nibbling on my little blueberry shrubs. I just planted these shrubs earlier this spring, so they are still a bit small. They won’t last long if the rabbits eat much more of them. So, I made some little wire cages for the blueberries, which should make it darn near impossible for the rabbits to do any nibbling on them. That should get them through the winter, at least.

What really makes me mad about the rabbits nibbling on the blueberries is that they leave whole stems lying around. This makes me think the rabbits don’t really like the blueberry shrubs, they were just tasting them! That’s got to stop, RIGHT NOW.

Any rabbit who decides to chew off a branch of anything in my garden is hereby ORDERED to just go ahead and eat it. Don't leave it lying around for me to find.

(Note, for anyone who also reads my Grandma's Diaries... It is having some database issues and I can't update it at this time. Once the problem is fixed, I will catch up the postings there.)


  1. Hi Carol, I don’t have rabbits in my city garden but the snails are eating my garden away. I’ll trade you all my snails for one rabbit.

  2. Carol, good luck ordering those rabbits around. It doesn't work with raccoons, I'll tell you now.

    That is going to be a gorgeous bed of pastel tulips next spring!

  3. Wow, that beats me digging all those individual holes yesterday. Trouble is, I put the bulbs in established beds...maybe next year I will make new flower beds in the fall, not the spring, and do what you did.

  4. but Carol, the little rabbits are so cute, and they have to eat too.

  5. That is bad, when you have rabbits in the garden. I think, your new boarder with all that bulbs will be very nice in spring!

    Good luck.


  6. Thanks all for the comments. Rusty, no can do such a trade, keep the slugs!


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