Always Stay Alert

If you set out to find Christmas ornaments with a gardening theme, you would never find any like these that I ran across at Target earlier today. Christmas ornament designer haven't yet figured out that gardeners will buy anything gardening related, even if it is not specifically made for gardening purposes.

Here is a close up of the seed packet. Perfect for any gardener's Christmas tree!

This seed packet ornament reminds me that I have a nice stack of seed catalogs to browse through, including two (Burpee's and Select Seeds) that came in today's mail. Yes, even though Christmas is just past, and we still have several more months of winter, our thoughts turn to planning next year's vegetable garden and deciding what seeds to try this spring.
Here's hoping you might also find some gardening related ornaments when you aren't looking for them! Just stay alert while shopping!


  1. Those are awesome!!!
    I got into Select Seeds for about two months allowance, already!!

  2. Yep, perfect for the gardener. Someone gave me this set for Xmas, and I love it. I led a recent post with a photo of one of the ornaments.

  3. These are all awesome. I love the seed packet. I have never seen such an ornament. I have one similar to your watering can.


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