Easily Distracted

I heard it before I saw it. That sound that all gardeners recognize instantly. The sound of a potted plant falling to the floor. I turned around just as I heard the crash. In those first few seconds before I knew which plant had fallen, I thought "I hope that is one of those straggly coleus plants I am trying to overwinter inside." But it wasn't. It was the Zygopetalum orchid. The one that is blooming.

Then I hoped that the flower stem was not broken in the fall.

It was broken.

So now the orchid is a cut flower in a vase. It should still last awhile, though not as long as it would last if it was still attached to the plant.

I won't even show you the orchid in the vase. Just go here to remember how the orchid was when it first flowerd.

I somewhat blame the amaryllis that are blooming nearby, though clearly, I was the one who knocked the orchid off its stand. The reason I blame the amaryllis is because they look so nice and Christmas-y, that they captured my attention and I lost track of what was behind me, which was the orchid. See?

Not bad for a "bulb in a box" for $4. And nearby is this pinky-white amaryllis in bloom.

I'm enjoying these Christmas-y flowers, but I sure wish they hadn't distracted me like that!


  1. Beautiful amaryllis! Too bad about the orchid :(

  2. That white one with the sort of coral edges is really pretty - you did well with those bargains in a box.

    It really is a shame that the orchid fell instead of the pitiful coleus. Another gardener might have accidentally-on-purpose forgotten that plant outside on a frosty night!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. I don't see any flowers!!??
    My amaryllis will be blooming for Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration!
    I also bought January's book!!
    I just don't know how to participate!!

  4. That's a sad story :( Having cats has cost me many plants and ceramics so I feel your pain.


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