Garden Bloggers' Book Club - Still Time for December!

What possible reason could you have for not joining us in our December “cyber-meeting” of the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club? The official meeting post will be published late tomorrow or early on Saturday, with links to all the blogs with posts about either the book “My Favorite Plants: Writers and Gardeners on the Plants They Love” edited by Jamaica Kincaid, or the blogger’s own favorite plant.

That’s right, a book club with an option to not even read the book! If you didn’t read the book, didn’t have enough time to collect your thoughts about the book to write about it, or didn’t like the book, you can simply post about your favorite plant and leave me a comment on my blog here, so I can find your post. Then I’ll include a link to your entry on the official meeting post.

And, if you can’t come up with the words to describe your favorite plant, you can simply post a picture of it.

So easy! We already have 10 posts, but this meeting is in cyper-space so we have room for everyone. Just comment here to let me know your post is ready to be included, and you are in!


  1. Carol - I have two posts for this month: and

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Carol. I have one more to give some balance to my other piece.


  3. Here's mine:

    (Still in her jammies and it's almost 11 am!) But I wrote it!

  4. And mine has been posted as well.


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