Plain, Plain Blogger

I have been decorating for Christmas and have many garden related/Christmas related items to share. But Blogger isn't quite working for me. I get an error on the web page when I try to create or edit posts, so I can't add pictures or links or italics or bolding or nothing!

Is anyone else having problems?

UPDATE: Thank you for the tip to hit "refresh", that seems to have taken care of the problem for me.


  1. Hi Carol,
    Yes it's been a disaster all day. I had no buttons for links, photos etc etc - the ones usually at the top. Mine seems to be back to normal now, but I got round the problem by clicking on refresh which put everything back to normal. it was a suggestion I found on the Blogger Help Group page where everyone was tearing their hair out. It's always worth checking when there are problems - at least you know it's not just you :(

  2. A few other Blogspot users were complaining about their inability to communicate without italics!!

    I was skimming through Holidailies, so don't know if there was a geographic location where this was happening.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. I had the problem last night with wysiwyg and somehow got the toolbar to reappear. There was nothing on blogger help, but they did suggest refreshing for another problem. So that may be the trick that worked for me.


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