Tiny Christmas Decorations Just Showed Up

Back last summer, I planted a little garden of miniature plants including hostas and heucheras and posted that it was the perfect place for garden fairies to dwell. Then I provided some evidence that the fairies had found my little garden and moved right in. And, they put in a door to the inside of my house.

As you can see from the picture above, the fairies have found a few items around the house to decorate their little door for Christmas. Can you believe it? That's a tiny pine cone in the corner next to the door. Perhaps they borrowed that from a tree ornament? I think fairies are always borrowing little things here and there, how else can I explain when something turns up missing?

I have no idea what tiny gift I could put in those stockings!


Kathy said…
Hmm. A toothpick might fit. Not sure what a fairy would do with a toothpick, but I'm sure they'd come up with something. And it's the thought that counts.
JLB said…
marbles, beads, cake crumbs, and faery dust! :D
Anonymous said…
That is fantastic!! Really, I am so tickled I don't know what else to say... Except maybe, do you take reservations? ;)

LostRoses said…
Awww, very cute, Carol! By the way, have you checked those stockings for mouse droppings?
Naturegirl said…
Darling! I know what will fit into those stockings ....~*lavender*~ Yes the fairies wil LOVE it!!
Merry Merry to you and the fairies!
Oh I love these little guests that just made themselves at home. I somehow missed their arrival last summer and had to go back and read all about it. How lucky are you!