You Smell it Before You See It

As soon as I walked into the sun room this evening to close the blinds, I could smell that something was different, something had changed. Sure enough, my Zygopetalum orchid is now blooming. That's it pictured above, in all its glory. This is the second time this orchid has bloomed for me, the first time was last year on December 23rd. I purchased it in early January 2003 in bloom and then it took two years before it bloomed again. But now I think it will probably bloom every year around this time.

On November 20, just two weeks ago, it was just some buds, as shown below.

And it has a strong smell. I would not want to have too many of these blooming at once in the same room because the scent would be overpowering and give me a headache. One is plenty.

The next orchid getting read to bloom is the Jewel Orchid (Ludisia discolor), which is now full of buds. It won't have a smell, but that's okay, it will just be nice to have something else blooming in the dead of winter.

And these blooms should last several weeks!


  1. The colors on that zygopetalum are stunning. Nice job.

  2. Carol, you're going to give every one of your readers the desire for a sunroom - especially at this time of year. What wonderful plants live with you in that room!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Oh, that is fantastic, Carol!!

  4. Beautiful orchid, Carol congratulations on having it bloom again. I would love to have an orchid that has a scent so I will have to search one of these out. In Hawaii there was one particular orchid that had a heavenly scent - the honohono orchid- I don't know the latin name. The flower spray was pretty ordinary so it was grown for its smell. Now if your zygopetalum has as gorgeous a scent as the honohono plus its obvious beauty, it would make it very special indeed. I have a very dark purple dendrobium that is starting to bloom now and all the phalaenopsis are setting buds. Also one of the coveted paphiopedilums (lady slipper) are about to bloom. This is an exciting time for orchid lovers.


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