Green Thumb Sunday - Hyacinths After 8 Days

Hyacinth bulbs being forced into bloom indoors after 8 days. I now have shoots and roots! Click here to see how they looked last week.

Green Thumb Sunday


  1. I just read your post on disappearing plants. I have been gardening only 3 yearsor so and I already have about 35 that I have lost interest in. I think of them as nice learning experiences. One that especially surprised me was variegated vinca major. It thrived in my garden, but I decided it was too garish and pulled it all up.

  2. I love hyacinths! I wasn't organized enough to think about buying any to force, of course. I'm envying how great your house is going to smell in a few weeks :-)

  3. Hi Carol,
    There's a game of virtual tag going around the blogs at the moment, and if you want to play, I'm tagging you. Have a look at my blog for the rules ...


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