Green Thumb Sunday - Hyacinths Week 3

I'm starting to see some buds already. On several of these, the flower buds are starting to show, especially in that clear green vase in the center. All the bulbs came from the same bag and so had the same cold treatment.

Without really planning it that way, I will have a succession of bloom, assuming that 'slow' bulb in the opague green vase on the lower left grows some more. Sometimes you get a stubborn bulb that doesn't want to be forced to bloom!

Green Thumb Sunday


the older sister said…
Maybe the slow one needs to be out in this snow that you got for your birthday. Happy Birthday Carol!
Anita said…
Oh, it's your birthday today? Happy birthday and all the best for your!

Your "hyacinths" story is very interesting, can't wait to see them in full bloom in ... days?? weeks???

Have a great day!
Deb said…
I love all of your vases! Be sure to post pictures when they're all in bloom :))
sister with the homestead said…
Happy Birthday Carol
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday Carol. I hope the Colts win a game for your birthday
Third Sister said…
Happy Birthday Carol. I guess you know which is up and which is down when setting your bulbs! It looks like you'll have a really nice arrangement.