Green Thumb Sunday - Hyacinths Week 4

We are seeing some real progress now. I figured out what was going on with the bulb on the lower left in the opaque green vase. Apparently "someone" didn't put in quite enough water and so the bulb didn't realize it was time to start growing. That situation has been corrected, and now it is starting to grow roots. If you get close enough, you can actually start to smell hyscinths, though no blooms are really visible.

Anyone care to guess when the 1st bloom will actually show, and what color it will be? The color choices are pink and blue.

I'm going to guess Sunday, February 4th and it will be a blue flower, in honor of the Indianapolis Colts playing in the Super Bowl that day. Go Colts!

Green Thumb Sunday


ACey said…
what a happy collection of plants and forcing jars! I guess blue because, for me, they always flower first and most prolifically.
Annie in Austin said…
Hyacinths bulbs labeled blue might produce pink flowers just to annoy me... so I'll guess pink on February 6th.

If your hyacinths start to bloom in Navy blue and Burnt orange your Colts are in trouble!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
eleanor said…
I'm going to guess a pink flower will bloom in the front blue & pink striped vase. Is there a prize for the winner? (even I know a plant needs the proper amount of water)
sister with the homestead said…
I guess pink on Saturday evening the 3rd. For no particular reason other than pink is my favorite color.
Carol said…
Annie... if these bloom in Bears colors, I'll throw them all in the compost bin!

Keep those guesses coming in! Maybe there will be a prize for the one who guess closes to the actual bloom time and color.
Hillside Garden said…
Carol, oh my, you have a lot of hyazinths. Do you like the smell?

pmo3ws said…
Those are lookin good!!