Here Come the Seeds

Aren't those pretty seed packets? The mailman delivered two orders of seeds to my house so far this week. These are the seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds. I placed this seed order last Saturday evening while I was watching the Colts vs. Ravens football game. I can't "just watch" games like that. I have to be doing something else at the same time.

And there in the upper right hand corner are some perennial seeds from Hardy Plants. I've got a lot to say about those (all good!) so I'll have to do a follow up post, probably during the Colts vs. Patriots game tomorrow. (See above... these games that are "win or go home" are nerve wracking, so I have to do something else while I watch.)

I am used to getting plain brown seed envelopes when I get seeds by mail order, so these pretty seed packets were a nice surprise. Plus, the company likes me! They gave me a coupon to get money off my next order. Can you imagine? As though I need an incentive to order more seeds? Those pictured above are just the vegetable seeds. I haven't even started working on the flower seed orders, except for those few perennial seeds.

The other task I can do during the big game tomorrow is create my 2007 seed tracking spreadsheet. Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening has posted some instructions for people new to spreadsheets if you also want to do this. I've done this for the past 9 years or so, and it does help me keep track of all the seeds each year.

Is it a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder to list all your seeds in a spreadsheet? Absolutely not! If I was OCD, do you think I would have just piled up all those seed packets for a picture like the one above? No, I would have placed them in nice neat rows like this:

Go Colts!


  1. Between watching the Colts & Pacers you must have a lot of paper work done on your garden records. Happy birthday tomorrow, Carol. Maybe the Colts will win just for you.

  2. I love all the pretty seed packets scattered in the first picture as they would look scattered in the garden! :)NG

  3. I just love those seed packets. I think I must be a little ADD (I KNOW I am!!) because once I saw those pretty little package, I knew my home grown seeds must have some pretty little envelopes just like those. I did a search and came up with some templates that are on my blog under "Favorite Websites". My seeds must be feeling so under dressed in those white envelopes... I forgot exactly what I intended to do when this rabbit run started! :)

  4. Very lovely seedpacks! In our German garden forum we had some links to seedpacks, we make them by our self.
    But I am so impatient, I only use envelops. Only sometimes I make some seedpacks.
    By the way, is it a problem to send seeds to amerika?


  5. Hey wait a minute, thats what I'm missing! I didnt get a pine tree cat this year!!!!!

    See....this is what happens when you move :(.

    And I always buy from them too :(

    Kathy is another one of those trouble makers, because of her spreedsheet fiasco, I now have spreadsheets for all my seeds, my plants and my garden expiriments!

  6. Sigrun, I think if you try seeds will get stopped and confiscated by customs. I have tried to send seeds to canada and the UK and they were always stopped and destroyed.

  7. Great minds think alike! I did a post last year featuring seed packets from Pinetree Garden Seeds too! They are so pretty, I almost hate to open them.

  8. Thanks for the seed company link. I requested a catalog :)

  9. Funny. Posting photos of seed packages must be the gardener's equivalent to posting ultrasound pictures of the new baby, before it's born! I did the same thing with tomato seeds, so it must be the natural impulse to do that.

  10. I'm feeling like a jealous little kid right've got more new seeds than me. Off to order Pinetree's catalog....

  11. oh, I am squinting my eyes to try and see what you ordered!! I've always been satisfied with Pine Tree (good germination)...

  12. Thank you all for the comments. Cyndy... I'll post later on what I bought. Colleen... I know that feeling when you see someone else with a bunch of seeds, a little tiny panic that maybe they got all the good ones.

  13. I love Pinetree Garden seeds. I've been buying from them for years. They haven't always had the different colors on the packages. They are about the cheapest but still have good quality seeds. I always love opening up the package from them to see what you/ve pictured. Have fun planting all of them!


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