Stop and Look at the Crocuses

This has been one of those weekends where it seemed there was too much to do and not enough time to do it all. I've been rushing around, it seems, since getting home from work rather late, too late, on Friday.

But, I wasn't too rushed to miss seeing the first crocus bud of the season. See - right there below.

Not quite as showy as some of those camellias that have been showing up on garden blogs, but for us northern gardeners, the first crocus is a milestone of sorts. It is a reminder that winter will actually end some day. I checked my garden records, and this is about the same week, more or less, when I see the first crocus every year. So even though expected, it is still a good day when I see the first crocus blooms.

And below is a close-up, because I knew you all would be excited with me. Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
I was also at Sam's Club today and do you know what they have for sale? Summer bulbs... elephant ears, caladiums, glads, dahlias. I went by the display and first thought, "too early" and walked on by. Then a force that I can not explain made me go back by it. I looked at the bags of elephant ears bulbs. 10 for $12.67. They were kind of on the small side, but then again, 10 for $12.67. So I got them. I'm not sure where I will plant 10 elephant ears, even on the small side, but I'll figure that out. A few of them might even end up in a niece or nephew's Easter basket.

So I thought I was in the clear, ready to go with my bag of elephant ear bulbs. Then I found myself by that display again! This time I looked at a bag of caladiums. 60 for $12.67. I was thinking back to when I paid $2.49, even $3.49, for one caladium already started. These were just 21 cents each. I rationalized that even if only half of them sprouted, that was still a pretty good deal. Never mind that I don't know where I will put up to 60 caladiums. Never mind that it is January and the temperature is in the teens. I got the caladiums, too.

Both bags are now hanging up in the garage, which stays fairly warm. Later this spring I'll pot them up and see how they do.


  1. "This is about the same week, more or less, when I see the first crocus every year." I won't see one until March. I can't believe you have crocuses already. I have snow! Don't you have snow? Is this some kind of a joke?

    Incredulous in upstate NY

  2. Down here in Houston the first sign of winter winding down is probably the blossoms on the ornamental pear trees. I saw some blooming this week.

  3. I know how you feel. Yesterday at the hardwere store I saw raspberries, straberries, rhubarb and blueberries for sale bare root in boxes. Some were sprouting already. It was hard but I walked past them. It was very hard.

  4. Thank you for sharing your crocus! Spring is coming :-)

    Thank goodness I didn't go to Sam's Club this weekend as I planned! As it was, I blew more than my fair share of the family budget on soil, seeds, and flats in the past couple of days :-)

  5. I'm glad your shopping experience was such a success. You're going to need a larger yard. Maybe your neighbor Jill will let you spill over into her yard

  6. Once the hot days of August arrive, you'll be glad for every Caladium leaf.

    By my old Illinois records, we were lucky to see crocus the first week in March - these are really early!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Wow the caladiums were a very good deal. I'll have to go by the Sam's club here and see if they have any in yet.

    I don't even like them much but for that price I'm sure I could find somewhere to place them.

  8. Most of my crocuses will show up closer to March. These few crocuses are really early because I think they get some radiant heat off the brick by being close to the edge of the porch and front step. Most of the snow from last week has melted, except on the north side of the house.

  9. OMG! What a deal! The closest Sams is 60 mi. from us but it is on the way to my daughters, so we just might pay her a visit this weekend! I don't blame you. That deal is hard to pass up. Gosh, I want to go now! hahaha....

  10. Jealous.
    We are at least another month away. Sigh. Are you sure you're in zone five? Dang.

  11. Yes, no joke, no fooling, these are real crocuses in my front garden bed, trying to bloom right now. The secret is the little microclimate where they are protected by the porch and step. They are probably sorry they tried to bloom now, though, since it is very, very cold this week. The rest will show up in March.

  12. Spring is in the air, for me that means summer is around the corner, time to leave the garden to the weeds and go inside to the AC

  13. I know at least one niece who would like an elephant ear in her Easter basket, just because of the name of the plant. She wanted one last year, but they were about $10 each.
    Kathy, the older sister

  14. It's nice to see that Spring is on the way, even this early. The groundcover (sedum?) is nice and green too.

    Last fall we planted about 300 daffodils and 200 tulips, thinking that by the time Spring comes, they will be an extremely welcome sight. They are just starting to poke their top leaves out of the mulch. Your crocuses are way ahead of anything here.

  15. I saw our forsythia blooming this week and felt some hope for spring too. Then we had a snow storm today!

  16. Daniel, yes that is sedum growing. I let it grow wherever it spreads too.
    Nelumbo, forysthia blooming, how spring-y. We have a while until that blooms here.


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