What Would You Pay?

What price would you pay for admission?

I read in the local paper today that some tickets to the Super Bowl will go for as high as $7,000. One Colts season ticket holder, lucky enough to win a lottery drawing of all season ticket holders, paid a face value of $1,220 for two tickets. He still has to get to Miami, get a hotel room, buy food, rent a car, and of course, buy the t-shirt. That’s a lot of seed and plant money!

So what price would you pay to attend a “horticultural symposium”? Symposium sounds pretty high-brow, doesn’t it? There is such an event coming to my city. The overall topic is “Harmonious Planting Design” and featured speakers include Craig Bergmann, C. Colston Burrell, Kathy Tracey and Keith Wiley. Price of admission? $119. Lunch included!

I went to this event last year, and actually wrote one of my earliest blog posts about it. Gosh, after reading it, I sure sound like I enjoyed the day. And I did! But now I am wonder if it is worth going again.

Has anyone heard any of these people speak before? Would they be worth the price of admission? Or should I save my money and buy more seeds and plants this spring? I have just a few days to decide.


  1. I have not heard any of those people speak.

    I have paid to attend a symposium on "native plants" that cost about that much. It lasted several days and included guided field trips to places that would otherwise not been available to me.

    It was worth it for the field trips. As for the speeches, some of them were entertaining and I learned a little. I also met a few new people and was exposed to some new ideas. I would do it again.

  2. I don't like constant harmony so I vote for the seeds. ;)

  3. As if you wouldn't buy the seeds!!!

  4. I vote for the conference.

  5. II'll stay home and keep the home fires burning and sister with the homestead can leave her kids with me.

  6. Craig Bergmann made some amazing display gardens for Chicago Flower & Garden Shows at Navy Pier - I've seen a couple of the gardens but never heard him speak. What a dilemma, Carol! Fun at the symposium or fun at the nursery!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. I've heard Cole Burrell speak. It was quite enjoyable and he had lots of slides. He lives near Charlottesville, VA, I think, and the year I heard him, he used some slides from his own garden...which I always like! He's also a well known garden book author.

    This sounds like a Horticulture magazine type one? I'm attending the one in Richmond, VA...I love garden talks! However, I agree, it has gotten a bit pricey.

    This is a favorite time of year to go...can't be out in the garden and it's very inspiring to hear/look/learn about gardening. Once the season hits, I find it hard to get away, so I jump on lectures in Jan-Mar....although, at times the weather gets in the way.

    Besides....will you really not buy seeds and things if you go??! Somehow, we find a way to do what we want to do...lol! Good luck on making your choice (I hope you can do it all!).


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