I am pleased to announce the winners of the name that plant contest!

The 1st plant was a Penta or Star Flower. Sissy was the 1st to comment with the correct identification and several others confirmed it.

The 2nd plant was Plumbago. Pam was the 1st to comment with this information and several others confirmed it. Plus, this was the name I couldn't think of that as soon as I read her comment, I remembered.

The 3rd plant was Coleus. I might have fooled a few into thinking it was some kind of exotic flower growing in my sunroom but not Kathy!

Sissy and Pam win my gratitude. Thank you!

Kathy will be the first post listed when I post the February “club meeting” for the Gardener Bloggers’ Book Club next week. I sure hope she plans to post something!

Thanks to all for your comments and helpful information.