Accidents in the Garden - My Guest Blogger Returns

My guest blogger, Sophie, age 9, quickly sent me another gardening story after the comments (and payment) she got for the first story.

An Accident in the Garden by Sophie:

Have you ever had an accident when you were gardening? I have had two or three. But the first and most memorable one happened when I was just 4 and my brother was 6. We were digging a hole to help my mom and dad plant a flower bed. My brother turned around to fling his shovel full of dirt at me for fun. But instead of just flinging dirt at me, he accidentally hit me in the mouth with the shovel and split my tooth right in half. So that was how I lost my first tooth (the hard way). It just goes to show that gardening is fun, but it comes with risks. What interesting things have happened to you when you were gardening? Tell us some. I would like to know.

I remember when this happened; my sister had to take Sophie on an emergency run to the pediatric dentist. The dentist had to pull the tooth, and Sophie’s lip swelled up quite a bit. When we asked her what happened, she would pause a bit and then say, in her little four year old’s voice, “I don’t want to talk about it.” She is now remembering, though, and it is a good warning to keep big brothers away when you are gardening!

Fortunately, I haven’t had too many accidents in the garden. Wait, there was that one time, way back one summer when I worked in a greenhouse, when I was taking cuttings from a Cotoneaster shrub and cut a little too close to my finger. I had it checked to see if I should get some stitches, but none were needed, just a tight bandage. But I can still see a faint scar to remind me to either wear gloves or be careful with the pruners. (That’s my accident, Sophie.)


  1. I remember when that happened too. Accidents will happen tho and I'm pretty sure she has forgiven her brother

  2. Sophie, I've never been smacked by a shovel, but I had a little accident last summer with the pruners, just like your Aunt Carol. For some reason, I didn't lock the pruners before crawling from one plant to another and gashed my inner arm. I thought I was being brave but when I walked into the office (this happened at work), everyone came running because I was pale and shaking. No stiches were needed and I, too, have a small scar.

    What an original post! I don't remember ever reading about garden accidents.

  3. I can remember taking my daughter to Local Hospital after my 2 kids decided to help me prune the hedge. Niether were tall enough to reach the top of the hedge so my young daughter stood on my sons back to reach the top

    Needless to say my son soon got bored and let my daughter fall into the hedge where a part of the hedge got embedded in her leg

  4. Sophie, you're one up on me! So far, I don't really have a garden accident to report, which I suppose is a lucky thing. However, Steve and I very nearly caused an accident in his car when we loaded it down with too much dirt last summer. Oops!

    By the way, I'm excited to see you're still writing for Carol's blog! Great job.

  5. I remember when I was about 10 and was helping to hoe in the potato patch. I was told to be sure and put on shoes, but no, I did not think that was necessary and you guessed it, I cut my own foot with the hoe. Of course I tried to hide it but that was impossible as it was a bad cut on the bottom of my right foot. I had a scar for a long time. I think I remember the fear of having to show my mother and getting into trouble more that the cut. Guess that is a lesson all children have to learn the hard way, that mom is usually right and we should heed her warnings.

  6. Another great post Sophie! You are a natural.

    My garden accident is a bit odd. I was cutting up boards to make garden beds with an electric saw. I safely unplugged the saw from the extension cord when I was done, but left the extension cord plugged in. Later I was stapling trellis netting to the bed and accidentally put a staple through the extension cord! ZAP and SHOCK! It hurt, but I was okay. No hospital for me thankfully.

    Keep up the great writing Sophie!

  7. "That just goes to show, gardening is fun...."

    Absolutely, Sophie!


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