Do You Like to Garden? Guest Blogger Today!

A few days ago, I offered to pay my niece and nephew to be guest bloggers for me, and provide a few paragraphs to post. So far, my nephew has posted a couple of comments under the name “Nephew of the Gardening Aunt”. I hope he knows I’m not paying for comments!

But my niece, who is 9, has finally come through with an actual post. I think it took my sister a few days to get her interested, but when she had an English assignment to “write two sentences that ask questions about gardens”, it all came together.

So, without further ado… a guest post from Sophie, age 9:

“Do you like to garden? I like to garden. I like all of the colors in the garden. I like being out in the sun and I like the feel of the dirt. I like the mystery of what will be in the dirt when you turn the shovel over. Will it be a grub? Will it be a worm? Will it be a slug? Or an old abandoned marble from when my mom was little? Or maybe even a dinosaur bone?

Why do you like to garden? Why don’t you tell us some reasons you like to garden.”

I had no idea that Sophie liked to dig in the garden! I wrote a post about digging quite awhile back, about finding things when you dig. Sophie is growing up in the same house we all grew up in, so every once in awhile she digs and finds something, like a marble, lost in one of the flower beds by her mom or aunts and uncle.

Thank you, Sophie, I’ll pay up this weekend!


  1. Sophie, I love to dig in the dirt for the same reason you do -- you never know what will turn up! I have yet to find a dinosaur bone, but trust me...if I do, everyone will hear all about it on my blog. Actually, one of my earliest posts when I started my blog last year was all about what I found when we dug our garden patch.

    But you asked why we all like to garden, so let me answer that question. I like to garden because it is so much fun to get up close to the plants and see them change as they grow. I'm always amazed that tiny little seeds can lead to dozens of tomatoes, for example, or a bunch of cucumbers. Plus, I find those home-grown vegetables to be mighty tasty -- definitely worth growing!

    You did a great job with your post, by the way. The blogging world is all about conversation between bloggers and commenters, and by asking questions, you have invited some terrific conversation.

    Carol, thanks for letting Sophie post!

    :-) Genie

  2. This is probably my favorite post this month out of all the gardening blogs I read (even my own)! Sophie, that was great! You communicated it so well! I have a nine year old daughter and we do love to dig in the garden together.

    Carol, try to get Sophie on again soon!

    Genie, you answered Sophie's question with excellence!

    Sophie, keep spending time in the garden and keep writing too! I sure hope your teacher gave you an "A".

  3. Sophie,you are so right, digging in the garden is part of the fun. Once I dug up an old glass pint sized milk jug.No cracks or chips in that thick strong glass so I cleaned it up and still use it as a vase these many years later.
    Why do I like to garden?
    Our garden is more entertaining than anything else we do. I plant tall sunflowers and watch the birds remove the seeds. I watch rabbits run then stop then run again. They look so cute nibbling on leaves with noses twitching and the leaf disappearing so fast.Squirrels can climb anything and jump really long distances. Bees buzz and get covered in yellow pollen. Butterflies look like flowers on the wind.
    I have even been able to watch birds raise their babies in our garden. And it is all just outside the door. No traveling necessary...Thanks for asking...gloria

  4. Good job Sophie, maybe you inherited your aunt Carol's gardening and writing skills

  5. Sophie, I like to garden because I like history. I grow many flowers and herbs that were grown centuries ago. I like to think about the people who grew them many years ago and what their lives were like.

    Great post. I hope that Sophie will be a regular Guest Blogger.

  6. That was a wonderful guest post.

    So far I haven't found any dinosaur bones in my dirt, but I guess it could happen. :)

  7. Sophie, I loved your blog post! You are an interesting writer just like your Aunt. Humm, it must run in the family! Your post brought back memories of when I would help my parents and grandparents dig. I can remember finding old bottles and keeping them. I still collect bottles! We were always finding marbles. That was such a big thing years ago. All kids had them. I'm sure the earth is filled with them.

  8. Hi Sophie!

    I DO like to garden!

    I like planting the seeds, and helping them to grow, tending to them, providing water when they need a drink, and enjoying their fruits. I like observing all the types of life that visit a garden. I love the way a garden can delight ALL of my senses.

    Thanks for such a well written post, and for making me think about why I like to garden! I hope you will post again sometime!

  9. Sophie, I like to dig for all the reasons you mention. I also like the way freshly turned over earth smells!

  10. Sophie, I know what you mean about finding interesting things when you turn over a shovelful of dirt. My house was built in 1919 and I have found a lot of weird things: two marbles, half of a plastic action figure from the 1960s, a very rusted but intact crowbar, a piece of flat marble as big as a dinner plate, one of those old pens that wrote in 4 different colors, and lots of pieces of broken glass jars. So many pieces of glass, in fact, that I think someone very clumsy must have lived here before me!

    I hope you come back and post more about gardening soon. You wrote a wonderful post!

  11. Sophie,

    Your post was really good. Even though I'm 20 years older than you I like to garden for the same reason. Last year I found many small toys I lost when I was a kid. The coolest find though had to of been a little gold ring with a red stone. I asked my mom and she said it didn't belong to her or my sisters. I don't think I'll ever find out who used to own it but it's fun to wonder about the person who lost it.

    One day when you're older you could work part-time getting paid to write articles or post on forums. So keep practicing until then.

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