Five and A Half Weeks Later - Bloom!

Five and a half weeks after I took the hyacinth bulbs out of the refrigerator and placed them in hyacinth vases, I have bloom. Pink, obviously. Fragrant, too.

Outside, we have snow and cold. Winter took awhile to get here, but now it is here in a big way with snow on the ground and temperatures mostly in the single digits. That's cold!

Awhile back, I posted (boasted?) that I am planting my peas earlier this year, on March 6th to be precise. Now with this all this snow and cold, who knows?

But we know that as soon as early March we could actually have a day or two with temperatures "near 70". I've seen it before! I recall in 2000 I took off a few days in early March and it was unexpectedly warm.... warm and dry enough for me to work outside on some garden clean up. That first day working in the garden in the spring is always a special day, regardless of when it occurs, so I always remember it.

I'll just hope for a day like that in early March. In the meantime, I need to order my flower seeds (I'm feeling behind in doing that!) and replenish my seed starting supplies so I can start my tomatoes and peppers. Spring will be here before we know it. Happens every year.


  1. I just knew the pink would be first - Nature always seems to give pink the edge over blue.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. OK, so who was closest in the contest? You didn't mention the winner (but I do remember you promised a prize, didn't you?)

  3. I'm envious. Next year I will be organized enough to get bulbs for forcing. It's just gorgeous...and I love the fragrance of hyacinths.

  4. Yes Carol, who did win the contest? I know I didn't give a date but I know I said which pot it would be in.

  5. That would mean in a month's time we would have a 70° appreciation in temps??!! That is hard to believe, today! But I hope and pray it happens this year, too!
    Beautiful plant, Carol!

  6. There were only three guesses not counting mine, on when it would bloom. The closest guess... Annie in Austin, who guessed pink on the 6th. I would guess it really started to bloom on the 7th, so that's pretty close. Prize? I'll have to figure that out!

  7. Your house must smell heavenly. I planted hyacinths around the porch of my first house. It was such as a great scent to be greeted with every day.

  8. I too love hyacinths. They have gotten me through many a cold February. And I'm also glad you confessed to not having sent in your seed order. Neither have I and it's beginning to weight on my minds.

  9. I was reading about your book selection and the synopsis of the book reminded me of `Dared and Done: The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning,' The reason it reminded me of it was because they first met through letters and eventually met and married although it was kind of a tragic marriage.

    If you ever need an easy book to read and you haven't- give it a try. You can find it pretty cheap on-line and of course free at the library.

  10. Old Roses... believe it or not I almost get a headache from the smell of the hyacinths, a bit over powering with 4 blooming right now.

    MrBrownThumb... thanks for the book recommendation, I'll check it out.

    EarthGirl... I have half my seeds ordered and received.


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