Green Thumb Sunday: Hyacinth Week 5, plus Hellebores

Here are the Hyacinths after 5 weeks. I have no explanation for why there is such variation in growth. All the bulbs came out of the same bag and were kept in the back of my refrigerator for the same amount of time. If I was trying to grow these to sell, I'd be concerned, but since I am growing them for pure enjoyment and fragrance, I'll just be happy that it appears like I will be enjoying hyacinths for quite a while.

And here is a close up of one that looks like it will be the first to actually bloom. I think it might be pink, though it really is hard to tell at this point. Do you have a prediction on when I'll see my first real bloom? I predicted a blue bloom today for Super Bowl Sunday. That didn't happen, so I'll revise my predication to be a pink bloom on Valentine's Day.

And yesterday I braved the biting cold winds to take this outdoor picture. This is Helleborus orientalis, Lenten Rose. In spite of the cold, some plants are starting to show signs of growth! See those flower buds? There is one kind of in the center and a couple more toward the top, just left of center. They are cold now but I know they'll be fine and I'll have blooms in late March, during Lent.

Green Thumb Sunday


  1. Yes, I'm sure spring will come even tho, on days like this, I have my doubts

  2. A pink bloom on Valentine's would be a great present :))

  3. Yes, you will have hyacinth blossoms in 2 weeks. I'm sure of it. It will be worth the wait. Fragrant and colorful.

    At our house, we didn't buy any hyacinths to start. There is still an amaryllus that hasn't bloomed! I found one in the garage, where I had placed it in October after a summer outside. That will be our early Spring bulb.

  4. A newcomer to Green Thumb Sunday; our hellabores have just started blooming here to in the UK

  5. As to the growth rates of your hyacinths, I have noticed this too with our amaryllis. they grew with a great variation even when we bought them at the same time. One variety only started to show a bit of green after most of the others had bloomed. What is the mechanism that wakes them up? They all had the same light, water and warmth.


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