Green Thumb Sunday - Orchids, Movies, Other Gardening Blogs and Directories

Stenosarcos Vanguard - Hybrid variegated leaf orchid, (Sarcoglottis speciosus x Stenorrhynchos speciosum).

This is one of the plants I noted was blooming at my house for the 1st monthly garden bloggers’ bloom day.

Though the days are getting longer, winter still seems to have a firm grip in our area. Last night we experienced rain, freezing rain, pelting snow (not that soft falling snow that makes no sound, but the kind of snow that comes down hard and loud like rain), slush, and more rain. So forgive me that once again my Green Thumb Sunday post is of an indoor plant. At least it isn’t a picture of hyacinths and it is a current picture from this morning.

When life hands you winter, go to the movies! I saw Miss Potter last night since they finally offered two showings at the nearby theater this weekend. I liked it, the story, the Edwardian time period, and especially some of the aerial pictures of the English countryside. I did notice in one aerial picture of the house at Hill Top Farm that there were no leaves on the trees, but lots of bright, blooming flowers around the house. I’ll forgive them that “goof”, not everyone would notice. There was also a scene in a conservatory and outdoor patio garden that made me want to plant more plants around my own patio to create that tropical feel, but with temperate, zone 5 plants.

Another fun winter activity besides shoveling snow, going to movies, and dreaming about lush gardens that probably won’t happen, is finding other Indiana garden bloggers. I’ve recently found two and I’ll be adding them to my side bar listing of Other Hoosier Gardeners, so check them out and if you like what you see, leave them a nice comment to let them know.

I’ve also been checking Stuart’s gardening blog directory, and finally see that I am not the only gardening blogger in Indianapolis. If you are a gardening blogger, you should list your blog on Stuart’s directory, which is the only directory I know of that is based on geography.

And now having run out of topics to chatter about, I leave you with one more picture of my variegated leaf orchid to show you that it does indeed have a variegated leaf, but right now only one. This bloom could be the final curtain call for this particular orchid, if it doesn’t grow some more leaves. Let’s hope that is not the case!

Wait, there is one more topic, the Garden Bloggers' Book Club! If you are planning to post something for this, send me a comment or email once you have posted, so I can include you in the club post on February 28th.


  1. Not a plant I'm familiar with. Isn't it lovely.

  2. That is a cool orchid. Last night I went to the movies to see Amazing Grace, great movie and beautiful scenery of the English countryside. I recommended

  3. Carol, I love that variegated leaf -- amazing stuff! The orchid blossom is gorgeous, too.

    My Garden Bloggers' Book Club post is up as of this morning. Thanks again for a terrific selection. My copy of The Gardener's Year just arrived from a used bookseller, too -- I'm looking forward to reading it!


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