Green Thumb Sunday - Week 6

As noted earlier this week, I have hyacinth in bloom. So far, all pink, but the blue flowers will not be far behind. ANYONE can grow hyacinth in vases like this. There is little to no effort involved. First, buy a hyacinth vase and bulb. I think if you buy as a kit, the bulb has already been kept at a cool temperature. If you do like I do and just buy the bulbs to use with vases you already have, just buy a bag of hyacinth bulbs in the fall and store them in the back of the refrigerator for 10 weeks or so.

Step 2, remove the bulbs from the refrigerator around January 1, place them in the vases with some water, and leave them alone. I did check water levels once and added a bit of water to a few of them a few weeks ago. That's it. They are doing this all on their own.

I've only known of one person who couldn't get their bulb to bloom, and that was because she didn't realize which end was up. Flat end goes down, tip goes up! "Practically" fool proof!


  1. i was right in one respect. The flower in the striped vase (lower right corner) is pink like I said it would be. Does that make me a winner?

  2. Wow! What a collection. Good idea, a hyacinth indoor garden :-)

    I like to see the roots in the vases, I find that pretty too. I've such weird ideas sometimes...

  3. They are beautiful Carol! Thank God we have pretty plants to grow indoors with all this terrible cold weather! Happy Sunday to you!

  4. I always have hyacinths this time of year in my livingroom. Makes the whole room smell devine!

    Here in the Netherlands we can buy (from December till April) 3 hyacinth bulbs in a pot (filled with earth) that will start flowering within a week or 2. After they have finished flowering you can stick them in the garden and they will flower again next spring.

  5. I don't know alot about plants, but I do know alot about animals. I think the groundhog method of forecasting spring is the way to go. Forget the plants.

  6. Oh how beautiful! I can imagine the smell of those glorious hyacinths!
    I must try this next fall. It certainly sounds easy, and the results are a wonderful sight on these snowy winter days.
    Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed the wildflowers :)
    We're getting socked with snow here today! A good day to stay indoors!


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