Green Thumb Sunday - Week 7 - Final Week for Hyacinth

Outside, there is a foot of snow, but inside my hyacinths are all in full bloom, both pink and blue. At times, sitting just around the corner 10 feet from them, the scent is almost overbearing but it is better than the smell of snow boots drying in the back hallway.

Remember that first picture, 7 weeks ago? I've never had a "crop failure" when forcing hyacinths, but after posting the picture below, I did momentarily consider what I would do if these bulbs did nothing but sit there. How would I explain if someone asked, "Hey what happened to all those hyacinths you were forcing into bloom?" "What, they did nothing? What kind of gardener are you?"

But they did quite well, as well as they have ever done, so I don't have to think about explaining a forcing failure.

I'll continue to enjoy them for a few more weeks, maybe even split them up and move them to different places all through the house, so I can enjoy them wherever I am. I'd better hurry, though, because some of the pink flowers are already just a few days past their prime.

I am hoping that winter is also just a few days past its prime. I am anxious to see what lies beneath the snow, and how quickly the early spring flowers, like crocus and hellebores, will begin to flower once the snow melts. In the meantime, I have the hyacinths.


  1. First thing I thought of was the scent, with that many blooming! I really should try this one year. It has been fun seeing yours grow.

  2. Your hyacinths are so big! Mine are so small. How did you get them so big?

  3. A lovely dispaly I can imagine the scent!

  4. I give these as holiday gifts sometimes--do you? People seem to like them. (I give pots more often than glasses though.)

    By then, there is usually enough of a bud so you can tell something will come up.

  5. Chuck B. ... I just lucked out on these being this size. These are just "regular hyacinths" sold in a bag of 10, in fact I was initially concerned that the bulbs were a little on the small size.

    EAL... Yes, I have given these as gifts, with the vase. Only one person (one of my sisters) couldn't get it to grow. The potted hyacinth might be a better gift, then they wouldn't have to know which end was up.



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