Happy Places

What does a gardener do in the middle of winter on a day when the temperatures don't even get above single digits? Sit and think about places in her garden that make her happy, that's what!

We all have a favorite spot or two in our garden. Here are two of mine. First, there is the gate to the back yard. I like how when you enter, you have to go around the corner to see what is there. Or at least that is what I attempted to have happen.

I also like my vegetable garden, particularly when all is growing in abundance. I took most of my pictures last season from this same spot in the early evening, with the sun setting behind me. (Or maybe this is one taken in the morning with the sun in my eyes?) Either way, this is the spot where I most often stood to survey the garden. I wonder if that will change next summer as I rotate crops between the various beds? We shall see..

What are your favorite places in your own garden, where you are happiest with the results?


  1. I love your veggie garden, Carol. I wish mine was as neat as yours. Did you line your beds with some kind of plastic?
    Stay warm!

    Good game, Carol! (We won't ever speak of that Super Bowl, again.)

  2. A Super Bowl for the ages, Sissy! We'll be speaking of it often and fondly.

    I didn't line the beds with plastic. I think it looks like that because I took this picture right after I had watered everything.

  3. My favorite spot is to sit on my bench beside the pond and even in winter I find it a peaceful place.I.ve posted my bench fairly recently.Your special place is nice.

  4. I'll be seaching for a new special place since my old spots were scooped away with a giant back hoe last summer. But I've got a new pool to show for it so I don't mind.

    It's like I got a whole new yard so I'm spending my winter planning and planning and planning.

    And by the way, you're yard looks amazing.

  5. Austin winters don't keep us out of the garden very long, so I can look at my patio now. Carol, my back gate also makes one enter with the garden off to the side, and I like this element, too. The view as you turn in from the gate was an important consideration in how things were arranged back there.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. My favorite place to view our garden is sitting on the raised deck. I also enjoy the perfumes the flowers give off. And I love the riot of colors.

  7. I like going over to Carol's garden and seeing the neatness, the diversity within the garden, all the unusual things, the tiny little surprises she has hidden here and there (Carol, you'll have to take some pictures of those some time...I don't believe you've mentioned them yet). I prefer not to look at my own mess -- someday I will have time to tend to it -- but for right now I'll be content with admiring Carol's. (The pictures really do not do it justice!)

  8. One of my favorite spots is sitting in front of my shed in the summertime afternoons, after a bit of weeding or mowing. There is shade from the giant beech next door, and I can view the whole garden and let my imagination see how it might look this way or that.

  9. Wow, you have a huge garden. We have been so busy landscaping that I have not even managed a 10' x 20' feet veg. garden which is rather tiny - you have my admiration.

  10. I enjoy being in my little woodland garden, weeding. I can see everything I like about it up close, and I ignore everything to the left and the right, which is chaos.

  11. What a beautiful vegetable garden! I am starting to have beds, and my next step is to mulch between the beds - I love how yours looks! I'm thinking about spring now (but we can start planting potatoes and carrots and broccoli and all sorts of cool weather crops now). I can't wait. There's much to be done!


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