Little Green Sprouts

As winter nears its end, we make the biggest fuss over the littlest green sprouts and flowers. Here's my big fuss for the week...

Daffodil sprouts!

Crocus sprouts!

Crocus buds!
I posted about these crocuses in late January. They have spent the last week buried under a foot of snow but here they are today, a little worse for wear, but here none the less.

Does it get any better than this in the garden? Of course it does, but for right now, this is what I have, so I'm making the best of it.

What are you excited to see in your winter garden?


steven wilson said…
Hi Carol
The buds sticking out of the ground are a delight indeed.Gets one to getting the itch so to speak.I have not seen my plots for a few days now I have been gone from before daylight not returning till after dark.

Steven Wilson
Sissy said…
It's going to be a loooong time before I even see my ground, much less what's coming up out of it!
There is still a three foot drift on the front, (North) side of my house...ugh!
Blackswamp_Girl said…
Oh man... I have the sedum you posted in that last picture. Why didn't I think to tuck little crocuses in among it like you did? That's so cute!

I'm excited to see dirt right now in my winter garden. That means that some of the snow is finally melting. :)
Colleen said…
I was thrilled yesterday to see that in the areas around the foundaton of my house, where the snow has finally melted, I have daffodils and crocuses coming up as well! Thank goodness for these little signs of spring :-)
John Curtin said…
My daffs have a head start but it won't be long until they are ready for cutting and arranging indoors - can't wait for the first cut flowers of the year.
Gotta Garden said…
Hellebores! Yesterday as I was leaving, I noticed my double had started blooming. I will have to get a picture as I wasn't sure it would actually be double (you never know...and last year, it didn't seem to be up to the job), I'm very happy! I will have to go outside and see what's new (trodding carefully around the snow that's still about in some areas)!

Delightful pictures!
A bunch of great big hulking chaps to dig a big pond, built me a pergola, a water feature, dig some new flowerbeds, lay a new path and anything else I can think of.

Come to think of it, this is the kind of thing I want to see in my garden regardless what time of the year it is.

But for now I settle for snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, hellebores, bergenia, violets and rosemary.