My Garden is Perfect Right Now... At Least in My WInter Weary Mind

I know that someday soon I will be able to remove this shackle of winter, also known as my winter coat, and go outside to work in the garden instead of shovel the snow. Until then, my garden has become “almost” perfect under the last of the snow and in my mind. Want to hear about it?

Weeds? They’ll be tamed this year, no doubt. After all, with 14 hoes, I’m sure I can find at least one that will take those weeds out. Even better, maybe those hoes will do the work on their own.

Undug flower beds? When I finally get out there, the “digging will be easy”. I'll be strong, the shovel will be sharp.

Pests? They don’t exist in the garden I’ve grown in my mind over the winter! Even the rabbits are gone.

Vegetables? Such a harvest I’ll have. Blemish-free fresh produce all summer long. Maybe I’ll harvest the first tomato by the 4th of July instead of July 20th or later.

Flowers? Beautiful, naturally. Blooming everywhere, with bees buzzing about from flower to flower, and best all, the bees are ignoring me.

Butterflies and Hummingbirds? They practically land on me as I sit in the shade of trees that have suddenly grown to the perfect height over the winter to cast just the right amount of shade.

Should I go on? March 1st is just a few days away. It is a milestone date, because March is more of a Spring month than a Winter month. We know that sometime in March, early March we hope, the weather will break, and all the northern gardeners will start heading outdoors. We won’t find the gardens as perfect as we might think they are right now, but that won’t matter, because we will have made it through another winter.

When February sun shines cold,
There comes a day when in the air
The wings of winter
Slow unfold,
And show the golden summer there.
- Philip Savage, American Poet (1868-1899)


  1. May your real garden turn out close to your dreams! The 'easy digging beds' wish could be true - freeze and thaw with snow sometimes does help break up those lumps.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Interesting. I'm longing for spring and my bulbs, which I know will be beautiful. But in many ways I dread the real gardening season. That's where the rubber hits the road. I wish everything were as easy as bulbs.

  3. Your post title sounds like the makings of a Country Western song.

  4. Carol you're dreaming again. Which is fine of course, to each his/her own. :-)

    I think that most of us, that have a winter in which there's very little to do in the garden, long for Spring. We're almost there, I hope. Here it's been raining for 4 days almost non-stop.

  5. I'm with you, Carol---right now, my garden is perfect. I won't forget to water my porch and patio containers, and they'll bloom lushly all summer. I'll eat fresh veggies all summer, and by fall, I'll have a few homegrown pumpkins for Halloween. My beds will burst with color from all of the seeds I'm winter sowing. Ahhh. We gardeners are dreamers, aren't we ;-)

  6. It's hard to believe. I am hoping you are right, Carol, but it's hard to believe!

  7. It's nice to dream. I guess I should try to think more positively; I've been envisioning the critters dining on my bulbs, in their tunnels under the snow that I can't see.

    My book review for February is posted here:

    I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the arrival of next months selection.

  8. I hope your gardens are as beautiful as your dreams

  9. I want one of those hoes that works by itself! (Do you have trowels and shovels, too?) I say hurray for perfect garden dreams! They gotta be perfect somewhere!

  10. Thanks all for the comments. It seems we are all dreaming these days, itching to get out into the garden (if we live up North!)


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