Procrastination in the Garden, Need Help!

Did you ever buy something for your garden and then never quite got around to putting it where you intended? Or maybe you bought a new container and then never planted anything in it because you couldn’t find the right plants? Or worse, you bought a new plant and NEVER planted it? Be honest, now, I know I can’t be the only gardener who has done this, who has procrastinated after buying something they really wanted for their garden. Here’s my story:

I bought a big terrarium because I thought it would look nice in my great room. But I’ve never planted anything in it. For a few months, I put a potted poinsettia in it, just so it would have something in it. But other than that, it has remained empty.

After I bought the terrarium, I decided that to get the plants I wanted to put in it, I would have to order them and have them shipped to me. But it was already fall, and since the plants would not be cold hardy, I decided I should wait until spring to actually place the order.

Then spring came and the outside gardens called for my attention, so I didn’t end up buying any plants to put in the terrarium that first year.

Or the second year.

Or the third year.

Yes, I know what people are thinking… it is high time I planted something in that terrarium!

I’m to the point now that I need to re-do my research on what to even plant in the terrarium. I’ll do some online searches and all, but thought in addition to confessing online about my procrastination, I would post my terrarium questions, as maybe among those who read this blog, there is a terrarium expert or two. So garden bloggers, and others…

Do you have experience with terrariums? Any tips to pass along?
What is your favorite source for mail ordering houseplants or plants suitable for a terrarium?
Should I plant directly in the tray or keep the plants in separate pots and put moss around them to make them look planted?

The terrarium is 18 inches by 18 inches and the tray will allow for about 3 inches of soil. The whole thing is 2 feet high, a little higher at the peak, and I’ve placed it by a north window. I've added a picture of it below. You can see that it is empty, empty, empty.

So, that's my story, my confession of something I've not gotten done that should be done.

What’s your story of procrastination in the garden? Can we garden bloggers help and encourage you to just get on with whatever you haven’t done yet in the garden that you need to do? Post on your own blog and let us help! (Because after all, spending time helping others and writing about what you aren't getting done is a good way to keep procrastination alive and well in your own garden!)


  1. Last year I bought refrigerated, live nematodes to spray on the garden to help get rid of grubs and cucumber beetle larvae. And then I never did it. Yes, I left the poor, little (expensive) nematodes in the fridge to expire.

  2. That's a pretty cool looking terrarium. Maybe you should pass that along to your nieces and nephews so that they can finally have their dream garden -- one composed entirely of carnivorous plants! That would also look good with a gecko or two in it (we can provide you with the eggs - LOL!)

  3. Hi Carol, I had one years ago and I sat it on our coffee table. I tried a couple plants over time and also the kids put an iguana in it! I know I had a rubber plant in it a long time along with other things like rocks and shells from vacation time, just anything that looked good. Our kitties loved it. They were always trying to get in it! I love yours. Good luck with it.

  4. Carol why don't you buy each if your nieces & nephews a little fish bowl to plant their own tiny plants for easter

  5. Carnivorous plants would be great. However, I would leave it at your house so your nieces and nephews have one more thing to look forward to when they visit you. Also, go to Logee's Greenhouse ( and search on the keyword terrarium.

  6. The Victory Garden just did a thing on those! He planted it with the tiny ferns you can get this time of year in the Home Depotlike stores! It was beautiful! One even had a small pond with tiny duckweed in it! I cannot wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  7. more than once I have bought something on impulse at a nursery, brought it home, and realized that i just didn't have any place where it would work.

  8. Wow. That's gorgeous. I envy your discretionary spending budget! Wow.

    Hmm. Plants for moist environments.
    My house is full of the exact opposite of these, since I don't pamper and we have central heat.

    I'll poke around later and see if I can find some good candidates.

  9. Ki at Muck'N'Mire shows the most wonderful photos of orchids - would they be suited to a terrarium? If it were mine, I might have to sneak in a couple of little lizards, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Wonderful ideas... carnivorous plants, ferns, orchids and geckos and lizards. Hmmmm... maybe I should tell you all the story of my fish aquarium before anyone suggests I try having another kind of pet like lizards (Annie, SWTH)? I'm heading over to Logee's Greenhouse to check them out!

  11. Carol: Just this week Andrea at Heavy Petal posted on terrariums. Not so much on the plants as the enclosures, but maybe there are some ideas for you there. There are also some links to bloggers with terrariums.

  12. Love the idea of a little pond. you could put a frog in there!

  13. You thought you were unique, didn't you? Ha! I'm the Queen of Procrastination. :-)

  14. Carol, What you have there is a gorgeous wardian case! I second Kathy's Logee's suggestion and also think you don't have to limit yourself to "terrarium plants" which tend to be really wee. Use the height and have some fun. Chose plants that are fairly slow growing and that love a warm humid environment. I could go on and on so I'll take up space on Bwold's blog sometime this week to say more!

  15. If I had a terrarium, I would grow carnivorous plants. Sundews, especially.


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