Snowy Places

When it is really cold outside, with temperatures in the single digits, we always wish for snow to provide some insulation for the plants.

We got our wish today! It started to snow around lunch time and by 4:00 PM, depending on where you were in the area, between 4 and 5 inches of snow fell. Let me do the math... that's about an inch an hour. Fortunately, it isn't very windy so there is not a lot of drifting, so far. However, because it is so cold out, this is a very powdery snow, so it wouldn't take much wind to get some pretty good drifts.

The driveway has been cleared (thanks to my helpful neighbor, Jim!) the walk-way shoveled (thanks to me!) and so there is nothing left to do but enjoy the quiet of the snow.


  1. Looks peaceful, doesn't it.

  2. Carol,

    One of the reasons I like it here is we can get out into the garden most days of the year even winter. Not too many sub zero days but snow is forecast tonight!

  3. The snow is OK. the cold isn't ( 3 degrees when I got up)


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