Waiting… for a wintry mix of snow and rain expected to start later tonight and continue until late Tuesday evening. I can handle snow, I can handle rain, but wintry mix? That could include ice. And ice could cause problems with power, with driving, with trees, with shrubs. I drove by a grocery store on the way home, and it appears a lot of people will be waiting in checkout lines this evening.

Waiting... to see if this really will be the worst storm in "years" around here.

Waiting… for some blue hyacinths. As reported yesterday, all my hyacinths being forced in vases so far are pink, but it looks like the next four to bloom will all be blue.

Waiting… just a few more weeks before I sow seeds for tomatoes and peppers. I don’t want to sow the seeds too soon and end up with leggy plants before it is time to plant them out in the garden. I also have some seeds for perennials and violas to sow, and there is no need to wait on those!

Waiting… or procrastinating, on ordering annual flower seeds. I’ve got the vegetable seeds, but still need to get going on the flower seeds.

Waiting… for a stretch of above freezing weather when the ground is not too damp, to dig out a forsythia shrub in the front that it is crowding out a larger evergreen tree. Or rather the tree is crowding the shrub out. There is no longer room for the both of them where they are, so I’m digging out the forsythia and will attempt to transplant it to another location. The tree is too large to move, anyway.

Waiting… for a couple of orchids to bloom that have not bloomed since I acquired them. I have some orchids that bloom reliably every year, but a few have never re-bloomed. I remain hopeful, they are still alive.

Waiting… for a couple of books I ordered to arrive in my mailbox. Suddenly, I am very interested in reading more books by Elizabeth Lawrence.

Waiting for winter to be over and for spring to arrive.

Waiting… for a few nice comments… I can’t be the only one waiting!


  1. I am waiting... for this unseasonably cold weather to end! It seems to me that it should have balanced out the unseasonably warm December by now.

  2. "Waiting" is just another way of saying "looking forward to".

    That is the great thing about gardening. It always has us looking forward.

  3. I too am waiting for the big storm with lots of snow and blustery winds. The base reflectivity loop shows it over Indy now so your waiting is over. I have another few hours.

  4. It's raining like crazy tonight here in Northern California. Even though winter is my least favorite season, I feel excited every day because I know my favorite season is coming next. I'm about to curl up with a good gardening book and read with my kids.
    Keep warm.

  5. I'm still waiting for the Two Gardeners book on order from the library! I think your book club must have several more WA state fans lurking about and they beat me to all the library copies! It should be here soon. I'm looking forward to it too.

  6. I saw your Hyacinth below, they look very nice. I hope the coming storm is not to bad for you and your garden.

  7. I'm on crocus (my front yard) and snowdrop (my neighbor's) watch. And that "wintry mix" mess is going to hit us around sunset this evening, continue into Wednesday, and freeze hard on Thursday.

  8. Waiting for the wintry mix to hit here, too. It should start this afternoon, and they're projecting about six inches of snowfall for Detroit. Personally, at this point, I'm just waiting to be able to step outside and stay there a while, to be able to let my kids play outside sans snowsuits, hats, mittens, heavy coats, and snow boots, and to see something green outside other than my arborvitaes.

    It's a good thing we have gardening books, web sites, and blogs :-)

  9. I am waiting on a chance. A chance to prove myself. I am like a seed hanging on a stem that has dried up after the flower is gone. I have proven myself in the past but that is just the past. Now no one knows my potential. I sit quietly waiting for someone to find me. Someone to take the time to place me in the ground and help me grow. It is a lot to ask, not knowing what I will be. Am I worth the trouble? Am I deserving of a chance? Am I a weed or a beautiful flower? If no one plants the seed, the world will never know. Every seed needs to be planted. Everyone deserves a chance. I am waiting on my chance.

  10. I am waiting to see how this weather is going to play out. So far where I live it's just been a lot snow. Of course I don't have anywhere to go anyway, so I can just hibernate

  11. You have a wonderful blog. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am continually amazed by how many talented and knowledgeable garden bloggers there are these days. I love the way you have woven gardening, blogging, literature, and photography into such a rich and enjoyable site.

    Oh, and I do feel your pain - or at least I used to - I lived just north of Milwaukee for 7 years while at grad school. I agonized every year from February through May....it is a very long time. I had to move back to the south. I couldn't take it. My hats off to you hardy souls.


  12. I'm waiting for another below-zero cold snap, and waiting to see if my plants survived a cold stretch of winter with very little snow cover. I'm also waiting to get up the gumption to finish my seed orders. And I'm waiting to hear what EL books you ordered!

  13. I am waiting for the snow to stop.
    I am waiting for March's book to come!!
    I am waiting on the world to change!!
    I am waiting for the check in the mail!
    I am waiting for this year's picture of your garden!

  14. I'm waiting for the storm.

    I'm waiting for the NJ Flower Show (2/15 - 2/18).

    I'm waiting for new garden books (in the mail).

    I'm waiting for spring.

  15. I'm waiting to see how many inches of snow we get. Additional accumulations of 8 to 16 inches predicted for today.


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