What Comes to Those Who Wait

What comes to those who wait?

We got the wintry mix. I do not wish it upon anyone else. For those east of me, watch out. I am not “officially” in a county where they’ve declared “blizzard”, but I’m just two counties south of the official blizzard. We got our fair share of snow, I’m guessing 6 to 8 inches, followed by sleet. And the sleet came down a-l-l day long. I shoveled my driveway in the morning, then my neighbor (bless Mr. K.!) helped me start my snow blower, and I finished “round one”. Now I am out of gas for the blower, and it is time for “round 2”. Time to call someone to dig out my driveway tomorrow!
One of the blue hyacinths is just about ready to bloom! The pink ones are still going strong and their scent permeates my great room. It is almost too much scent, but I won't complain.

And the mail man brought me two books by Elizabeth Lawrence, A Southern Garden and Gardening For Love: The Market Bulletins. Even though I don’t live in the South, after reading Two Gardeners: Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence – A Friendship in Letters, I wanted to read some books by Elizabeth Lawrence and so picked these two out. Now it is time to write my review of "Two Gardeners" for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club. The official club post will come out on February 28th, so if you are participating, send me a comment to let me know when you have posted, so I can include you. (And don't forget, there are several other options for participating, even if you didn't read the actual book we selected!)

That’s what I’ve gotten so far for waiting, what did you get?


  1. I waited and got a wintery mix also! hahaha.. Sleet came for us first and then the snow. It's still doing a little snowing, but for the most part it's over. Now on to the drifting! Oh what fun! Yea right! Take care Carol and be careful out there with that snow!

  2. Your hyacinth's looking very exciting , Carol. I've been following your bulb experiment and it's great to see how they're finally beginning to grow.


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