What is That I Hear?

I like every day of winter better than the day before because it is one day closer to spring. And I like this week a lot more than last week because snow is melting instead of falling.

I might even be able to walk around outside this weekend and see what damage the snow caused and look for crocuses and snowdrops. That is, if we don’t get all the rain the weatherman predicted for Saturday.

But I can walk out on my front porch now and see these shrubs that might have suffered from the weight of the snow on top of them.

This first picture was taken last week. Those are Bird’s Nest Spruce poking out from under that snow drift. That’s a scary sight. (Maybe I should have warned you!)

I took this follow up picture a week later. I’m slightly encouraged, as I don’t yet see any branches broken off, but I still can’t see enough of the shrubs to know for sure.

Some of you may be thinking that I should just go out there and knock that snow off those shrubs. Easier said than done. We first got several inches of snow overnight, then we had a day of sleet-snow mixed, followed by more snow the next day, and then a few days later, more snow. So the snow/sleet is packed on there pretty good. Plus, even though day time temperatures are in the 40's this week, temperatures at night are below freezing, so there is some refreezing of what has melted each day.

This week’s melting of the snow does remind us that spring is not too far off. And if the melting snow and mild temperatures aren’t a sign that things are improving, hearing birds sing earlier this morning and then this afternoon, ought to be all the proof anyone needs.


  1. I see signs of spring, too, Carol!! A welcome relief, eh?

  2. I think you are very smart to NOT try to get the snow off those spruces. More branches are broken that way than from the weight of the snow itself.

  3. And the sun is rising earlier each day . . . Yea, no more leaving the house in the dark.

  4. My bird's nests are on the North side of my house, I cannot even see the top of them!!
    Slowly, the snow is losing it's grip, and soon they will appear!

  5. I wish we had spruce down here in Houston. Just about the only conifers we have are pines and bald cypresses. It's too hot for anything else.

  6. We had a bald cypress once here in Indiana. The debris it leaves on the ground got to be too much for me to handle.Those bits & pieces which covered the ground which in turn covered the dogs. I finally had it cut down. But it wasn't entirely lost. My son-in-law Ed made many bowls & other decorative item out of the cypress wood, so I still have my cypress

  7. I like when southern gardeners (Gary) show some jealousy for what we have up in the midwest!

    Thanks all for the comments. With a freezing rain advisory for this weekend (Saturday into Sunday), we might be premature in thinking the worst is behind us!

  8. I miss snow - I miss snow falls, I miss the light in a room when you wake up in the morning and you can tell that it's snowed overnight just because the light is different - yep, I'm another southern gardener, and find myself missing snow days! (And spruces too of course - and lilacs, and peonies...and delphiniums).


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