Eureka! And I'm Styling!

Did you ever look for something and then when you found it, it seemed like it was right under your nose, or maybe up your sleeve?

Last fall, I posted about all the footwear I have for gardening and how one of my two pairs of garden clogs was finally wearing through, after nearly 15 years of use, but I could not find a replacement pair. I received some helpful comments (and some funny ones, too) on my original post but even after Googling "garden clogs" and looking at many different web sites, I just couldn't find the exact ones I wanted. I wanted the brand that has the plaid insert!

Then on Sunday, I searched again. Eureka! I found a source for my clogs. I can not believe the url was I am not kidding, that is the url. The brand is Jollys and they are made in Germany. My "clog" of choice is actually their Classic Garden Shoe. I am so happy to have found a source for these! Yes, I immediately ordered a new pair to replace my original pair. Guess what color I ordered?

By the way, I was reminded to try to search again for these "gardening necessities" because the day before, a friend who laughs at my garden clogs every time she sees them, said that now that everyone is wearing Crocs, my garden clogs don't seem so dorky. Ha! I knew it! I was just ahead of everyone fashion-wise!

And to think I was always afraid that one day in may haste to get somewhere, I would slip on the garden clogs, which are always by the front door ready to go, instead of other shoes, and find myself out in public in my clogs. But now? I am no longer afraid. I'm styling!


chigiy Binell said…
Garden clogs are cool and don't ever let anyone tell you different.
I wear crocs all the time. As a matter of fact, I was the first one on my block to get them 3 years ago. The funny thing is I don't wear them gardening because I get stickers in my crocks, so I usually wear clogs or boots.
Kylee said…
I don't have the sense to be embarrassed by my red Ladybug garden clogs. They're just too easy and too practical!
sister with the homestead said…
Crocs now has some shoe styles that are more enclosed that may be more protective for gardening. All crocs are made out of a special polymer that makes them antibacterial and you can wash anything off of them easily. You can even put them in the dishwasher! (I dont' think I would want to wash my shoes with my dishes, but you get the idea!) Are your new clogs made out of an anitbacterial-nothing-is-supposed-to-stick-to-them-patented polymer? LOL!!!
eleanor said…
Carol, we can all rest easy now that you have you're new garden clogs
Clogs are just the modern version of the Dutch wooden shoes. ;-) Now I never had the latter but like you, I use the former in the garden. I'm wearing either my clogs or a pair of stylish wellies.

We garden gals are trendsetting, don't you think? :-)
Entangled said…
I accidentally wore my garden clogs to the grocery store and bookstore last week - kicked on the wrong pair as I was going out the door. I don't think anybody noticed. I think I like yours better than mine.
Blackswamp_Girl said…
Carol, those look very cool--I love the plaid inserts! :)
Salix Tree said…
If you all want to see some high fashion out here in the Irish bogs, come see what footwearI wear in the garden!
I need to get a better pic tommorro morning though, I posted the only pic I have at the moment.